Lufthansa and Panasonic to provide in-flight Internet


Long-haul business passengers of the German flag carrier won’t have to worry about missing text messages and emails.

Lufthansa and Panasonic has teamed up to provide passengers in-flight wireless Internet starting next year. Lufhansa boss Wolfgang Mayrhuber claimed that the Internet experience will be comparable “with those available at powerful hotspots or upmarket hotels”.

According to Michael Lamberty, a spokesman from the carrier, prototypes will be tested by the end of the year and by mid-2010, 50 long-haul planes will be offering the service. Aside from being able to use the Internet, Lamberty said passengers will also now be able to send text messages via mobile phones.

Lufthansa offered a similar service before but it wasn’t very well accepted so the company withdrew it by the end of 2006. Now, it seems like they are willing to test the waters again and with the popularity (not to mention necessity) of being connected all the time, who knows? They might just succeed this time. 🙂