Panasonic: “Pixel numbers don’t matter”


Do pixel numbers really mean a lot to the quality of the image your DSLR produce?

According to Panasonic spokesperson Barney Sykes, in an exclusive interview with TechRadar, he said that it’s not all about the number of pixels in a camera.

With the influx of DSLR companies offering high resolution sensors, Panasonic isn’t one who would follow the bandwagon.

According to Sykes, “It’s just a number isn’t it? It’s a number. It’s relative to the sensor, its pixel density.”

Panasonic’s highest resolution camera is currently at 16.6 million pixel device on their G3 cam.

Their latest introduction to the camera market is the GF5 with a 12 million pixel sensor, which Panasonic says that produces the same image as camera’s with high resolution sensor capability.

“In interchangeable lens cameras, consumers are a bit wiser. I think the megapixel bubble has somewhat burst now. It’s not about the number of megapixels you have, it’s about the quality of the image you can get, and that’s what we’re focusing on,” he added.

Sykes also said, “The ultimate goal is image quality and other things such as usability, filter effects, intelligent auto, things like that, it’s not just the number of pixels.”

What can big names like Canon and Nikon say about the claim of Panasonic?

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