Nokia unleashes the fury with the Nokia Lumia 808 PureView


Finnish company Nokia is putting their bets on their Lumia line of smartphones to redeem their company from the effects of technological advancements.

The company found it hard to rebound from the onslaught of smartphones in the market. They used to be considered as the world’s leading mobile phone maker. But after years of success, they’ve failed to challenge companies like Samsung and Apple.

Now, Nokia is banking in on their most recent development. The company has made news when they released the PureView. The latter has a 41MP camera built within the phone.

The company has combined the PureView technology with their Lumia line resulting to the Nokia Lumia 808.

Costing around $699.99 for an unlocked unit, the Nokia Lumia 808 PureView features a jaw-dropping 41MP camera combined with the features of the Lumia. The company will sell this smartphone via Amazon for US customers.

The reason behind Nokia’s 41MP camera is the smartphone’s impressive sensor that delivers the immense megapixel range.

Unfortunately for T-Mobile users, the Nokia Lumia 808 PureView tops out at 2G speeds. Not fast enough for 3G and HSPA users. It is also being run by a Symbian OS technology, so no Windows 7 for this smartphone as of yet.

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Lumia 610 problem: Can’t run certain apps

The Nokia Lumia line of devices may be Nokia’s key to salvation. But it seems that the company and Microsoft are having trouble with their Lumia 610 device, as CNET reported that the latter is having difficulties running several popular apps.

Nokia’s entry level Lumia is the company’s first Microsoft powered smartphone with a 256MB of RAM can’t seem to run Angry Birds and Skype, which by the way is owned by Microsoft.

Other apps that won’t run on the Lumia 610 are Plants vs. Zombies, Assassin’s Creed and PES 2012. When someone’s tries to download these games, an error message would appear.

The popular Android platform doesn’t have any problems with running these apps, so what happened to the Nokia Lumia 610?

According to CNET, Microsoft has set standards for the hardware on smartphones that would want to run on the Windows platform. With the Android, this is not a problem because the software of the latter is open sourced and apps can be tested in a wide range of devices.

Microsoft on the other hand, the company lowered their standards for phones running on Windows Phone. This process may have caused the problem. By lowering the standards of the phones, this allowed companies to develop cheap smartphones for the budget strapped individual.

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Nokia has fallen and now seeks to gamble

Nokia must be sweating bullets right now. That is, if they haven’t been sweltering for a long while now. For the past couple of  years, since the dawn of smartphones, like the iPhone and many Android devices, Nokia has been losing market share quarter after quarter.

Nokia was a mobile giant sometime ago. Everyone knew the name and nearly every handset I see on the street is their model. Nokia has been well advertised to create awesome hardware that is very, very sturdy and long-lasting. The designs were also well-known and spread, every tech repair guy knew how to fix a Nokia before they even learn about other devices.  Motorola may have started the phone revolution, but Nokia pushed out the winning blows.

As Black Widow said in the latest Avengers movie, “Regimes fall every day.” This is what is happening to Nokia right now. They may have great looking phones, even to this day, but they have made the wrong decision, sticking to Symbian for a long time. They even released the 41 Megapixel camera on a Symbian. What they don’t realize, is software has become an even greater factor these days compared to hardware design. It was a bold move when they recently partnered with Microsoft to create Windows Mobile phones, but will this be enough for them to rise from the ashes?

I believe that is a big no. No, simply because they have placed their already losing value to a huge gamble. You see, not many people are sure with Windows Mobile yet. It doesn’t have as large a market presence as Android and the unattainable iOS. Nokia had a sudden rise when daring people tried Windows Mobile. Their only hope is that Windows Mobile does not fail them. If the new OS venture fails, they are set for an even bigger fall as they disappoint returning customers who might just swear them off for good.  This might be happening right now as the birth pains of Windows Mobile sets in. Too bad, Nokia had great durable designs, but these days, people are looking for functionality over style.

Predictions for CES 2012

Editors from gives us a sneak peak as to what tech companies have in store for us in the annual event.

Rumors have been circulating that Microsoft will unveil its upgraded Xbox console. Rumor has it that the company will shed their spotlight to their newest console, the Xbox 720. This is the final year that Microsoft will participate in the annual event so expect a big “ka-boom” as they bid the CES farewell.

The Xbox 720 is said to have an AMD processor, Blu-ray drive, Windows 8 capability and a much better Kinect integration compared to its predecessor.

Another thing that we should be excited about is the television sets that will be paraded in the event. With the dawn of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, TV makers are going to join the bandwagon to incorporate these to their own sets.

Companies who offer such features in their TV sets will likely upgrade their devices to keep ahead of the competition. Possible Facebook and Twitter integration may be in the offing.

The next generation Windows Phone OS or the Phone Tango will likely make a splash in this year convention. The update enable Windows capable phones to support LTE. Some say that both HTC and Nokia models are now LTE Windows Phone Handsets.

The Nokia Lumia 710 is the first of its kind and was announced for T-Mobile a few days ago.

For Android fans, expect to see a few more smartphones carrying the latest Ice Cream Sandwich. Eric Schmidt of Google already said to an Italian paper that it plans to release a Nexus tablet running ICS mid this year.

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