Lumia 610 problem: Can’t run certain apps


The Nokia Lumia line of devices may be Nokia’s key to salvation. But it seems that the company and Microsoft are having trouble with their Lumia 610 device, as CNET reported that the latter is having difficulties running several popular apps.

Nokia’s entry level Lumia is the company’s first Microsoft powered smartphone with a 256MB of RAM can’t seem to run Angry Birds and Skype, which by the way is owned by Microsoft.

Other apps that won’t run on the Lumia 610 are Plants vs. Zombies, Assassin’s Creed and PES 2012. When someone’s tries to download these games, an error message would appear.

The popular Android platform doesn’t have any problems with running these apps, so what happened to the Nokia Lumia 610?

According to CNET, Microsoft has set standards for the hardware on smartphones that would want to run on the Windows platform. With the Android, this is not a problem because the software of the latter is open sourced and apps can be tested in a wide range of devices.

Microsoft on the other hand, the company lowered their standards for phones running on Windows Phone. This process may have caused the problem. By lowering the standards of the phones, this allowed companies to develop cheap smartphones for the budget strapped individual.

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