Nokia has fallen and now seeks to gamble


Nokia must be sweating bullets right now. That is, if they haven’t been sweltering for a long while now. For the past couple of years, since the dawn of smartphones, like the iPhone and many Android devices, Nokia has been losing market share quarter after quarter.

Nokia was a mobile giant sometime ago. Everyone knew the name and nearly every handset I see on the street is their model. Nokia has been well advertised to create awesome hardware that is very, very sturdy and long-lasting. The designs were also well-known and spread, every tech repair guy knew how to fix a Nokia before they even learn about other devices. Motorola may have started the phone revolution, but Nokia pushed out the winning blows.

As Black Widow said in the latest Avengers movie, “Regimes fall every day.” This is what is happening to Nokia right now. They may have great looking phones, even to this day, but they have made the wrong decision, sticking to Symbian for a long time. They even released the 41 Megapixel camera on a Symbian. What they don’t realize, is software has become an even greater factor these days compared to hardware design. It was a bold move when they recently partnered with Microsoft to create Windows Mobile phones, but will this be enough for them to rise from the ashes?

I believe that is a big no. No, simply because they have placed their already losing value to a huge gamble. You see, not many people are sure with Windows Mobile yet. It doesn’t have as large a market presence as Android and the unattainable iOS. Nokia had a sudden rise when daring people tried Windows Mobile. Their only hope is that Windows Mobile does not fail them. If the new OS venture fails, they are set for an even bigger fall as they disappoint returning customers who might just swear them off for good. This might be happening right now as the birth pains of Windows Mobile sets in. Too bad, Nokia had great durable designs, but these days, people are looking for functionality over style.