Nokia unleashes the fury with the Nokia Lumia 808 PureView



Finnish company Nokia is putting their bets on their Lumia line of smartphones to redeem their company from the effects of technological advancements.

The company found it hard to rebound from the onslaught of smartphones in the market. They used to be considered as the world’s leading mobile phone maker. But after years of success, they’ve failed to challenge companies like Samsung and Apple.

Now, Nokia is banking in on their most recent development. The company has made news when they released the PureView. The latter has a 41MP camera built within the phone.

The company has combined the PureView technology with their Lumia line resulting to the Nokia Lumia 808.

Costing around $699.99 for an unlocked unit, the Nokia Lumia 808 PureView features a jaw-dropping 41MP camera combined with the features of the Lumia. The company will sell this smartphone via Amazon for US customers.

The reason behind Nokia’s 41MP camera is the smartphone’s impressive sensor that delivers the immense megapixel range.

Unfortunately for T-Mobile users, the Nokia Lumia 808 PureView tops out at 2G speeds. Not fast enough for 3G and HSPA users. It is also being run by a Symbian OS technology, so no Windows 7 for this smartphone as of yet.

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