iPhone SE 2 Release Date, Leaks and Pricing

Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s iPhone SE 2.

The first iPhone SE came out in March 2016, and surprisingly, we have not seen a predecessor yet. Could this year be finally it?

First off, the release date.

Some rumours have pegged it to be 2018. Analyst Karl Ackerman suggests that it could be May or June, coinciding with other rumours of a mid-year release. Ming-Chi Kuo, another analyst, however, thinks Apple won’t be able to.

“With three new models in the pipeline for the second half of 2018, we believe Apple may have used up its development resources”, he explains.

So how much is this compact phone going to be?

With Apple charging a premium for their iPhone X, people are expecting the iPhone SE 2 to be lighter in the pocket at around $450. The first iPhone SE started at $399 for 16GB and has since been discontinued while the 32GB version is now at $349. We wont be surprised if its predecessor will be somewhere along that lines too.


What will the iPhone SE 2 look like?

Quite a lot of “leaks” on the phone’s design have been surfacing over the months. A video on the Chinese social networking site shows a block-type shape. One notable difference is the full-screen display on the front with a notch similar to the iPhone X.

Although a closer look at the video makes it more apparent that its display is not as good as Apple, the design does coincide with a sketch sent to BGR by a “reliable” source showing the phone’s full-screen display.

(Credit: BGR)

With the possible launch of the iPhone 9 and bigger iPhone X, there’s lesser attention on the iPhone SE 2. However, people who prefer smaller phones and cheaper alternative, this is still something to look out for.

iPhone to sport a thinner and lighter screen

It’s that time of year again, and no, I’m not talking about Christmas. The iPhone rumor mill goes on all year round, but when it’s this close to launch, it’s always at its most accurate. The past couple of weeks saw quite a few cases or models of the chassis that will apparently be the new look of the next iPhone. Apple will of course remain tight-lipped on the matter, until the very day of the announcement but unfortunately for them, their manufacturers are not as silent.

Wall Street Journal is known to have great sources that are reliable in revealing company secrets. One such secret is the apparent release of the new iPhone with a much thinner screen. This report is in line with insiders from large display manufacturing companies like Sharp, LG and Japan Display, Inc. These three companies are capable of creating a thinner display for the upcoming iPhone with in-cell technology.

What is in-cell technology?

Let’s start with a little background. The iPhone’s display is made up of 3 distinct parts. The first part is the obvious glass cover, which is your main point of interaction with the device. Right below that glass cover is a touch input panel that translates touch input into the many points of the screen. This layer is then followed by the actual TFT LCD that produces the images you see on screen.

With in-cell technology, the glass cover will remain as it is, but the difference will lie in the next two layers. In fact, there won’t be two layers anymore. It will have just one. The in-cell technology that will apparently be incorporated into the new iPhone from Apple will combine the TFT LCD layer with the touch panel, making an overall thinner display compared to the traditional method. It is also said that the clarity and quality of the display will also increase due to the fact that the LCD will be much closer to the glass cover, and therefore won’t lose any quality over layers.

The overall thin design poses some question as to the future durability of the screen, compared to previous devices. Remember that there is a glass cover, and in most tests, it is only the glass cover that breaks. The glass cover serves as the shield for the underlying parts. In many cases, despite having a broken glass cover, the touch screen panel and display still work. As long as the glass cover holds well, the underlying LCD+Touch panel should be safe as well.

While there are no confirmations at all as to what this would mean in the overall dimensions of the device, two distinct rumors stand out.

One of them mentions the more obvious fact, that a thinner LCD will mean that the device will be thinner overall. Making the device thinner will yield a lighter device, which will make room for the increased screen size that is rumored to be included in the new release.

One other possibility is that the device will maintain its thickness, but will use the extra space saved from the LCD to place a larger battery, to increase the time that the device will keep on going. This is a welcome addition to more practical users who feel that a thinner device will not be good for the iPhone.

Image sources: gottabemobile.com, bgr.com, techtree.com

Apple to announce new updates at the WWDC

Apple has used the Worldwide Developers Conference as their springboard to reveal their new iPhone software the past few years.

This year’s edition of the annual event doesn’t look different, as Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, is expected to reveal their latest iPhone software. Not only that, but analysts also believe that the CEO will also announce updates of the Mac computers and publicize future releases.

A year ago, Apple showed off the iPhone 4 during the WWDC. But people are not keen on the fact that Apple will show a model of their “rumored” iPhone 5.

As for the company’s latest software, the iOS 6, features are still unknown. As to the date of its availability to consumers, Apple hasn’t revealed any date as of the moment.

Last year, Apple launched the iOS with the addition of iPhone’s virtual assistant “Siri”. This year, analysts say that they are not expecting a dramatic update, though they said that they are expecting “modest” improvements for Apple’s current version.

Some say that tighter integration of Facebook and Twitter are two of the most expected updates.

Will the new iOS 6 be a preview of Apple’s latest iPhone model? We will soon find out.

Image Source:ismashphone.com

Apple and the latest iPhone rumours

The next iPhone is yet to be released, although there are rumors for it all over the technology world. Apple normally releases a new iPhone after every twelve months, except for the iPhone 4S which was unveiled after about 16 months. If the trend is kept then we should expect the iPhone around the month of October.

Many people all over the world love an Apple product and that’s why every rumor is received with a lot of excitement and expectations.

Besides that, the company has another tradition of releasing products after some specific time; they are so secretive that no one really knows what they are going to do next. Their secrecy is legendary. It was introduced and cultivated by Steve Jobs, while he was the CEO of Apple. In fact, even the workers will not even reveal the slightest of hints about the new products. That’s why when they introduce a new product it is received with a lot of excitement.

The rumors and leaks about the next iPhone just serve to increase the hype and when it eventually comes out people will mill around the Apple shops to get hold of it.

Some of the rumors claim the upcoming iPhone will be longer and thinner than the previous model, retaining the iPhone 4S design. The display is rumored that will be increased to 4 inches and the resolution will be of 1136 by 640. These are some of the most sensible improvements that Apple is working on. However, some rumors are just way off the mark. Some of these are a 3D camera, a teardrop design and inductive charging. Though these might be possible in the future, it is too early to expect them to be on the iPhone 5!

Image Source: siliconangle.com

Apple iPhone 5 to be released this year?

Before the launch of Apple’s latest tablet, the “iPad”, rumors circulated over the net as to the date of its release and its upgrades.

Now, Apple is once again being talked about not only because of the Mac’s problems, but also reports that have been hounding the new iPhone.

The iPhone 5 or the next generation of the iPhone is possibly going to be released this coming July. Reports have been circulating that Apple’s latest smartphone is going to hit the shelves this second semester.

So what are the possible features that this latest device has? If we base it on reports from unnamed sources, the coming smartphone could be a one hell of a device.

It is said that the latest iPhone is much lighter and is more attractive than that of its predecessors.

Reports have also stated that it packs a 1280×720 pixel resolution of 367 ppi. It is also said that it will come with an A6 processor and a quad-core processor.

But will it boast of a 3D camera? We certainly doubt it as this technology has not been perfected by handheld video cameras and other video recording devices.

At any rate, be sure to save some from your hard earned earnings as this will surely be a beast of an iPhone.

Image Source: http://sequelnews.com

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