Apple to announce new updates at the WWDC


Apple has used the Worldwide Developers Conference as their springboard to reveal their new iPhone software the past few years.

This year’s edition of the annual event doesn’t look different, as Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, is expected to reveal their latest iPhone software. Not only that, but analysts also believe that the CEO will also announce updates of the Mac computers and publicize future releases.

A year ago, Apple showed off the iPhone 4 during the WWDC. But people are not keen on the fact that Apple will show a model of their “rumored” iPhone 5.

As for the company’s latest software, the iOS 6, features are still unknown. As to the date of its availability to consumers, Apple hasn’t revealed any date as of the moment.

Last year, Apple launched the iOS with the addition of iPhone’s virtual assistant “Siri”. This year, analysts say that they are not expecting a dramatic update, though they said that they are expecting “modest” improvements for Apple’s current version.

Some say that tighter integration of Facebook and Twitter are two of the most expected updates.

Will the new iOS 6 be a preview of Apple’s latest iPhone model? We will soon find out.