Apple iPhone 5 to be released this year?


Before the launch of Apple’s latest tablet, the “iPad”, rumors circulated over the net as to the date of its release and its upgrades.

Now, Apple is once again being talked about not only because of the Mac’s problems, but also reports that have been hounding the new iPhone.

The iPhone 5 or the next generation of the iPhone is possibly going to be released this coming July. Reports have been circulating that Apple’s latest smartphone is going to hit the shelves this second semester.

So what are the possible features that this latest device has? If we base it on reports from unnamed sources, the coming smartphone could be a one hell of a device.

It is said that the latest iPhone is much lighter and is more attractive than that of its predecessors.

Reports have also stated that it packs a 1280×720 pixel resolution of 367 ppi. It is also said that it will come with an A6 processor and a quad-core processor.

But will it boast of a 3D camera? We certainly doubt it as this technology has not been perfected by handheld video cameras and other video recording devices.

At any rate, be sure to save some from your hard earned earnings as this will surely be a beast of an iPhone.

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