Apple Unveils Latest iPad that Supports the Apple Pencil

Apple's latest iPad now supports the Apple Pencil
Apple’s latest iPad now supports the Apple Pencil

The star of Wednesday’s Apple event was of course the newly-launched iPad with Apple Pencil support.

Physically, there isn’t anything new to the company’s most popular tablet. It still has the same 9.7 inch screen, bezels, Touch ID sensor, button placement, and cameras. What’s new however, is it’s support for the Apple Pencil. And on the inside, the update to the latest A10 processor.

Now you don’t have to shell out big bucks for the Pro lineup to make use of Apple’s celebrated pencil. Starting at $299 for schools and $329 for the general public, it is literally the same price as the previous model. Although it isn’t the $259 budget iPad pricing that it was rumoured to be, it is still a good price base with its added Pencil support.

Do note that the Apple Pencil doesn’t ship with the iPad. You can opt to purchase the Pencil priced at $99 for consumers and $89 for schools.

If you think the price is too steep for the Pencil, fret not. Along with the new iPad reveal, Apple also announced that Logitech is creating its own stylus dubbed the Crayon. At $49, this is a cheaper alternative to the Pencil.

In the launch, the Cupertino-based company also introduced a slew of new apps that are targeted to the education sector. These new apps, along with a usable Pencil on the cheaper iPad are aimed to gain their footing back in schools.

Five years ago, iPads dominated the schools and accounted for half of all mobile devices shipped to US schools. However, Chromebooks now currently dominate the classrooms with 60% shipments in the US alone.

Sales for the iPad has been declining in the last three years, and Apple hopes that the new features they have introduced would bring back their glory days in campuses.

Latest iPad has battery problems?

Apple’s latest iPad has hit the shelves and is quickly selling like hotcakes. The 3 million units sold during its first week fays it all. People want the iPad.

However, as the days turn into weeks, consumers or owners of the latest device is finding out problems with the device.

The first problem to pop up was the smart covers that didn’t worked on the latest iPad. Then the heat that emanates from the bottom portion of the device. Though problems arose, analysts and individuals discarded them and considered them as minor inconveniences that they could live by.

But, another issue cropped up. People are saying that the battery meter of the latest iPad is inaccurate and provides a false interpretation of the batteries real amount.

This issue is different from other problems as this is a major issue. According to reports, the latest iPad gets an hour less run time if you unplug as soon as the battery meter hits full. The company hasn’t made any statement as to the matter.

Though gadget makers don’t advice people to overcharge their batteries, in this instance, it is much better if people do so. Overcharging the batteries of your device can result to shortened battery life.

According to Isidor Buchmann, CEO of Cadex Electronics, “It’s actually better not to charge the battery fully. If you never fully charged your iPad, the run time would be a little bit less, but you’ll keep the battery longer.”

Let’s just wait for Apple to release a statement. For now, choose the lesser evil. A longer time for using your iPad or a shorter battery life?

SeatGuru app not a hit among users

People don’t always enjoy flying. While some individuals relish the experience, a handful suffers from the annoying conditions that some flights have. From long queues of the check in counter to rude seatmates, the list goes on and on.

Little perks here and there are a good thing and an excellent way to lighten up the burden.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the mobile app of SeatGuru.

The much beloved service that informs you which seats on planes are good and vice versa is now available on your mobile device.

It’s simple, you just input the airline and flight number into the app and the app presents you with a detailed map of the seats on the jet.

Unfortunately, the app also has lows. This doesn’t give you a rundown of your preferences and doesn’t inform you of seat availability or let you reserve a seat. The map was also designed back in 2007.

The app has other features. It has a TripAdvisor search engine, though it’s just basic.

There is also a flight tracker. But be aware that when you check for a flight, it will automatically give you a selection of flights not during the day but later on the month.

New Zealand shops prepare for latest iPad launch

Tech shops and retail outlets in New Zealand are preparing for the rush of Apple enthusiasts as the popular iPad will be made available in their country this week.

Selected JB-Hi Fi stores will be opening its doors an hour earlier than the usual to accommodate the throng of individuals who are expected to be flooding their gates to purchase the new tablet.

The Warehouse had made 100 iPads available online last Tuesday. These tablets were bought in the US and were quickly purchased by New Zealanders.

The device has been available in select countries internationally since last week with Apple selling about 3 million units on its first week of release.

The latest iPad which boasts of 4G capability and a 64 GB memory is the most expensive iteration of the device.

Apple is expecting that this device will safeguard their tablet business in the advent of tablet technology and companies pouring on their money in this business.

The 4G technology is 10 times faster than the 3G technology. Analysts expect that the latest iPad will have a more improved video quality.

The new iPad has a battery which has a battery 70% bigger than the previous versions is expected to lord over the rest of the field.

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Merchants paid people to queue for iPad

How far would you go just for you to get your hands on the latest gadget that is taking the world by storm?

Well, in London, individuals went an extra mile by paying individuals to stand in line for them just so that they could have a piece of Apple’s latest tablet.

People desperate enough to pay their way to owning one hired persons to queue for them in their bid to circumvent Apple’s rule on iPad purchases which states that no 1 individual can buy two iPads at once.

This didn’t come as a deterrent to individuals who can afford the extra headcount.

Some believe that these individuals are going to sell the extra device on the black market for a hefty amount. This is because the iPads are only available to 10 countries as of its release.

According to one individual who hired persons to help him buy the iPad, “I hope to get around 70 iPads today. I will be sending them on to India. The guys who are queuing get 10 pounds or 20 pounds for a day’s work. This is not illegal.”

But not all those who waited in line were business minded individuals. A lot of them are genuine Apple fanatics who wanted to own the latest version of the tablet.

Heat problem on the latest iPad?

Heat is one issue that previous versions of the iPad have. As we see the dawning of the latest version, we kept our fingers crossed that the issue has already been fixed.

Unfortunately, the new one has its own heat problems. Around the Web, forums have been flooded by heating issues of the “iPad”. Though complaints have been far less compared to the previous versions, the fact that some Apple fanatics experience this problem is a major issue.

According to the forums, the heat is being conducted by the lower left corner portion of their units.

And some individuals experience having their new toys automatically shutting down and a message that reads “the iPad needs to cool down”.

The latest version of the tablet integrates both a larger battery and a faster chip. Those are two of the primary differences that differentiate it from its predecessors. Just like all other iOS mobile products, this device doesn’t have a built in fan that can cool it.

A report from Anecdotal suggests that during the launch of the iPad that this device can get a little “toasty”.

But this is nothing new as the two previous versions have the same problem. Though we thought that they have fixed the problem already.

Apple’s latest tablet is…iPad

iPad 3, iPad HD or simply iPad, Apple has yet again delivered.

Speculations before Apple unveiled its latest tablet were plenty. Will they call it iPad 3 or iPad HD. But Apple has decided to call it simply iPad.

Will this lead to confusion in the market because the iPad name is basically used as a generic term for Apple’s tablets? According to Matt Gordon, director of naming and writing for Landor Associates, “It does complicate things after the purchase. It’s also confusing with the device original iPad, down the road, as people have multiple generations of this device.”

But sticking with the name is nothing new to the California based tech company. The iPod hasn’t changed the name and even without attaching number to the name of the MP3 player even if they keep on updating the gadget.

Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing told reporters that to name the latest tab as iPad 3 “Would be so predictable. We’ve had many products where we’ve never used numbers. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t.”

The company earns 20% of their sales from the iPad. They upgraded the latest version of the tab with a sharper screen and a much better chip.

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