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Parents worry about their teens’ smartphone habits. But what about their own?

Take the dinner table, the cliched scene where a parent tries to have a conversation with their cell phone-wielding teen, headphones in and distracted. Seventy-two percent of parents feel their teens are often or sometimes distracted by their phones while trying to have a conversation. But when Pew asked teens the same question about their parents, 51 percent of them said they believe their parents are either often or sometimes distracted by their phones during real-life conversations.

Analyst says Apple’s App Store could take $16B hit as commissions under fire

Some game developers feel that the commission levels charged by both Apple and Google are unfair, and they may take a strong stand. Epic Games already opted out of the Google Play app store when it launched Fortnite on Android, though it does sell the iOS version through Apple’s App Store.

Valve Changes Everything: Windows-Exclusive Games Now Run On Steam For Linux

Windows games with no Linux version currently available can now be installed and run directly from the Linux Steam client, complete with native Steamworks and OpenVR support.

Yup, we know exactly when Apple’s 2018 iPhones will be released

Despite the fact that Apple’s iPhone lineup will be completely different in 2018 than it has been in previous years, the events that have taken place in the lead up to their unveiling is exactly the same. First, a few rumors start to trickle out, then the world’s top Apple insider weighs in and tells us exactly what to expect, then as months go by the picture he painted gets more and more clear as subsequent leaks back up all of his claims.

Zynga to Develop ‘Star Wars’ Mobile Game

The developer has struck a multiyear deal with Disney to develop a mobile game based in the Star Wars universe. New Star Wars titles will be managed by the San Francisco company’s NaturalMotion studio, which is based out of the U.K.

No New Assassin’s Creed Coming In 2019

Reflecting on the decision to stop Assassin’s Creed’s yearly launch schedule and give Ubisoft’s developers the time to reinvent the series for Assassin’s Creed Origins, Guillemot said it was ultimately worth it.

“[The time] gave the team the possibility to really bring what they wanted to. The community has been responding very well to it and when I see what we are bringing with Odyssey I know that the community that got back in with Origins will be amazed.”

Overwatch’s D.Va Gets Her Own Animated Short, Watch It Here

Blizzard has released a new animated short for Overwatch called “Shooting Star” and this time the focus is much-loved Meka pilot D.Va. With Gamescom 2018 going on in Germany, the short was shown at Korea Fanfest, where Blizzard also debuted a brand-new Overwatch map. The video starts with a news report about D.Va, who has become a national hero by defending her nation from the Omnics.

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A Google Podcasts App May Soon Be Launched

A dedicated app for podcasts may soon be available on the Google PlayStore.

According to the folks in 9to5Google, the search giant is planning to have its own Google Podcasts app.

In the last few months, Google has really been pushing for more presence in the podcast universe. And this move will definitely help them gain more traction. In 2009, it launched an app called Listen, which was its first attempt at a podcast player. However, it did not live long enough and was completely shutdown in three years later.

Currently, Google has been building out a podcast client within the standard Google app. However, it is not easy to access. The company is apparently trying to change that with an actual Android app.

9to5Google spotted a snipped of code in the latest Google app which shows an inactive prompt which asks users to “Get the Google Podcasts app.”

Currently the app is not live yet but the folks at 9to5Google thinks you will be able to access the app HERE once it does.

Besides the code, they also saw a logo for the Google Podcasts app made of the iconic Google colours.

Image Source: 9to5Google

Pretty cool eh?


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Six Ages For iOS This June

Six Ages Will Finally Be Coming To iOS This June

Six Ages will finally be coming to iOS this June.  After nineteen years of waiting, we will finally be getting A-Sharp’s Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind.  Fans have been anticipating it for a while now.

What Is Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind

Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind is the successor of King Of Dragon Pass.  This is a unique kind of game from A-Sharp.

A lot of fans have been waiting for the coming of this game for a long time.  But its progress was slow going up and it took quiet a while for its developers to finally announce its release.  At last, after being in the dark about this game, brightness will finally come.

All About The Game

The elements that make a KoDP unique are all in Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind and its developers have remixed them.  The game has a mythical setting where you can visit the gods.  You can make multiple choices with consequences.  It also has advisors with personality, a generation-spanning story, and story elements that recombine for replayability.

The UI was designed with attention to mobile devices.  Its Men.u puts more information at your fingertips.  All its artwork is of high resolution.  Its play is both simpler and richer.  You will get to make more decisions in combat.

Release Date Of Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind

According to a press release, Six Ages will be launching on iOS one June 28th.  It will be available for pre-orders on June 21st at $9.99.

To b able to enjoy the game, your device will need to have iOS 9,or later, running.  According to its developer, A-Sharp, the game is being developed for other platforms.  They said that it would probably be materialised later in the year.

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WWDC 2018: What You Need To Know About iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS Updates

Apple stuck to the script at the annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). No new hardwares were unveiled. Instead, the company focused on updates to its operating systems: iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.


Apple kicked off its annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California on Monday with tons of software updates. As expected, there were no new hardwares unveiled, the company opting to reserve that for its September event.

But it doesn’t mean there aren’t any exciting products to look out for!  Apple says most of these features will come in the fall. Here’s a quick summary of the stuff to be excited about when they become available later this year.

iOS 12: Siri Shortcuts, Memoji, Group FaceTime, ARKit 2 and ScreenTime

It is much easier to work with Siri in iOS 12. With Siri Shortcuts, the smart assistant can suggest actions based on factors like time, location, and even your calendar. This means you can ask Siri to do a set of commands such turning on the home AC, texting your mom your ETA and turning on your car radio, all with just the phrase “heading home”.

Memoji is very similar to AR Emoji that debuted with the Samsung Galaxy S9. It brings customisable emojis to the iPhone X. New effects are also coming to Messages and FaceTime apps. Users can now add filters, stickers, text, and Animoji to photos and videos before they send them.

Facetime has been upgraded as well. Now you can add up to 32 different people with the option of audio or video.

Apple is determined to expand its services into the AR realm. The company unveiled today its ARKit 2 framework which brings support for multiple users in the same AR environment. 

Another AR-related tool is the Measure, which will allow you to measure 3D objects in real time using the camera. You do this by simply tapping and touching screen.

With all these cool new features, Apple also doesn’t want you to just spend all your time on your phone. Screen Time offers weekly summary reports to help you see which apps you use more. App Limits allow users to well, set time limits for certain apps with constant reminders. You can of course, ignore the warning but iOS 12 will continue to remind you of it.


The new macOS, called Mojave, will now let users enter into something called Dark Mode. This feature allows you to dim your desktop screen making it easier for the eyes. Dark Mode is specifically intended to make editing photos and videos even better.

Mojave is also introducing Desktop Stacks. It allows users better acess to their desktops by automatically stacking files into groups based on file type.

The Mac App Store has also gone through a facelift. It now sports an upgraded look and better text content. The addition of Create, Work, Play, and Develop tabs let users easily find what apps they want to install on their devices.


Apple gave a preview of its tvOS 12 for the Apple TV lineup. A Zero Sign-on feature gives users access to their account by automatically signing them on. The feature will detect the broadband network a user is on and gives them access to the premium apps bundled to their plan.

The Apple TV app for all Apple devices now supports over 100 video apps from 10 countries.

Additionally, the company also announced a partnership with Charter communications to provide Apple TV 4K to customers. The latter is the second largest cable provider in the US.


The Cupertino-based company has also unveiled the watchOS 5 for its wearable tech.

Users now have the ability to do watch to watch communication through a feature called Walkie-Talkie. It is quite a convenient feature when you want to exchange voice messages back and forth in real time without hopping onto a call.

Apple has however, dropped supported for the original Apple Watch. The update is only available for Apple Watch Series 1 and later. It also requires an iPhone 5s or later device running iOS 12.

Say Goodbye to Microsoft’s Groove Music iOS and Android apps

The Groove Music app will no longer be available on Android and iOS. Users’ personal files however, will still be available in OneDrive.

Last year, Microsoft shut down its Groove Music service. Now, the company has finally decided to retire its Android and iOS apps too.

It was in 2012 when the tech giant introduced the service as Xbox Music. Users were able to stream music through subscription or by purchasing through the Windows Store.

In 2017, the company discontinued the music subscription service. Users however, were still able to play music stored and synchronized on OneDrive. Microsoft also started encouraging users to transfer to Spotify as an alternative. Users were allowed to move their playlists and music collections to the popular streaming app.

Now, in a support page update, Microsoft explains that the Groove apps are going to be retired on December 1. “After that date, the apps won’t work and should be uninstalled.” It will also be no longer available for download.

So what will happen to the personal files?

Microsoft has assured users that they will still be available in OneDrive. “You can access OneDrive online or through the OneDrive app on any supported device.”

Additionally, music and playlists are still playable in Windows 10 Groove Music apps on PC, Xbox, or Windows Phone.


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Apple May Give iPhones More NFC-Based Capabilities Through iOS 12

You may soon be able to unlock NFC-enabled doors using your iPhones through the iOS 12.

Near-field communication (NFC) was first integrated in Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. However, this was mainly restricted to Apple Pay transactions. This time, the Cupertino-based company is said to be expanding its NFC capabilities to other uses through the iOS 12 update.

A report by The Information says that Apple is set to change it NFC policies soon. Reports also suggest that it could be at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2018 (WWDC)set to kick-off on June 4.

“The change to the NFC chip…could pave the way for people to use iPhones for other security-sensitive interactions,” the report said.

According to the report, Apple employees are already using their iPhones to unlock doors at the Apple Park. This is possible through “custom badge readers detailed in Federal Communications Commission filings last year.”

Apple first allowed increased functionality with its NFC chip through the CoreNFC framework in iOS 11. However, it only currently allows RFID tags scanning. With the change in NFC policies in the iOS 12, more stuff can finally be integrated. This includes interacting with smart locks, building security systems, vehicles, and paying transit fares.


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Apple Has Rejected The Steam Link App on iOS

The iOS version of Steam Link app has been denied by Apple, citing “business conflicts”.

It seems like iOS users won’t be enjoying Steam games on their phones for now. Apple has just rejected the Steam Link app from the App Store.

Earlier this month, Steam has announced the release of its free Steam Link app that lets gamers play PC games on their phones. The app has been available for Android users since May 17 and has been working perfectly.

It is a different story for iOS. According to a report from Reuters, the tech giant has blocked the release of the free app. Valve spokesman Doug Lombardi has expressed his dismay regarding Apple’s decision.

“The team here spent many hours on this project and the approval process, so we’re clearly disappointed,” he said. “But we hope Apple will reconsider in the future.”

In a statement given to Ars Technica, Valve detailed how Apple has approved the release of the app on May 7th. “On Wednesday, May 9, Valve released news of the app. The following morning, Apple revoked its approval citing business conflicts with app guidelines that had allegedly not been realized by the original review team.”

The company appealed the decision stating there are already similar apps available on the App Store. However, Apple still denied the appeal and blocked the app’s release.


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How Fortnite’s Battle Pass Works

With the much anticipated Fortnite Season 4, avid players of the game are expecting a new Battle Pass. Aside from this, a weekly challenges will also be made available. There are some new things to expect this season, but the challenges work the same in the past.


Battle Pass: Here’s what you need to know


Having said that the Week 1 challenges have a secret that players should track down if they want to level up. The price is the most coveted Omega skin, thus, get your hands as soon as possible.


Apart from getting the Battle Stars, if you would do all the seven Week 1 challenges would lead you to complete the first leg of the game’s Blockbuster challenges. This would lead you to load the screen called the Quite on the Set. In fact, the game developer said that this is only a part of the loadout.

You can actually customize the game’s setting during the pre-match loading screen. According to Reddit user Bfor45, the game’s loading screen offers players a subtle hint of the object being hidden in the gaming world.


As noted, the update has added a moviemaking equipment to the island, a quick check of the image shows a screen that is being filmed near the prison. A Battle Pass icon is faintly appearing in the background. You can actually head to the location and find the icon during the game.


What you will do is to collect it, and it’ll rank up your Battle Pass by one level. It should be noted, however, that players should be able to complete all Week 1 challenges for this to show up. This also indicates that players should have to buy the Season 4 Battle Pass to claim this.


The game’s Season 4 offers up Carbide challenges, among others.

Opera Launches ‘Opera Touch’ As A New Mobile Browser

Opera has announced this week its new mobile browser called the Opera Touch. The move of the company to release a browser is indicative of tough competition in mobile world. The company’s Opera Touch was inspired from the Opera Neon desktop browser and packages.


What is Opera Touch?


“Today, we are introducing a new type of web experience,” said Krystian Kolondra, EVP and Head of Opera Browsers, “one where you can have a continuous flow of your content across all your devices.’’


According to the company, the Opera Touch was developed from scratch to fit the users’ experience while using the web. Opera said that “the new browser connects seamlessly connects with the updated Opera PC browser without the need of establishing a password or login.”


In case you don’t know, Opera has actually released two new products—the Opera Touch and a new version of the Opera browser for computers.


“We have moved the browser’s key functions within your thumb’s reach,” said Maciej Kocemba, product manager at Opera, in today’s announcement.



“This means that, unlike in most other browsers, you can more easily browse and search the web when on the move,” she said.


Meanwhile, Opera Touch supports the search and allows you to scan QR and barcodes. The company said that these “smart additions” help web users’ search make the browser useful on the go.

iOS Or Android, Which Do You Prefer?

 iOS Or Android, What Is Your Preference?

iOS or Android?  Which of these do you prefer?  If you are not that familiar with either of them, let us first get to know them. You can base your choice on the information you may learn along the way.

What Is iOS

iOs is an operating system created and developed by Apple.  This is exclusively for Apple,s hardware.  It powers most of the company,s mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch.

iOS was first released on June 29, 2007, together with the launch of the first iPhone.  iOS was initially released without a name, but was later called “OS X”.  It was later changed to “iPhone OS” a year later.  Then finally came to its present name, the “iOS”.Designed for use with Apple’s multi-touch devices, the OS supports input through direct manipulation.

iOS Features

The Apple iOs has the following features: 1) Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular connectivity along with VPN support; 2) Integrated search support (Which enables simultaneous search through files, media, applications, and email); 3) Gesture recognition support (example shaking the device to undo most recent action); 4) Push email; 5) Safari mobile browser; 6) Integrated front and rear cameras with video capabilities; 7) Direct access to Apple App Store and iTunes catalogs; 8) compatibility with iCloud; 9) Siri personal assistant; and 10) cross-platform communication.

What Is Android

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google.  Initially released September 23,2008, it was based on the modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software.  Google basically designed the android for touchscreen mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

History Of Android

Google bought Android from its developer Android Inc.  The first Android device was launched in 2008, following Android’s unveiling in 2007.  Since its development, there have been many versions of Android.

More About Android

Android is a powerful operating system and it supports a large number of applications in Smartphones.  These applications are more advanced and comfortable for the users.  The android is an open source operating system.  This means anybody is free to use it.


Deciding over which operating system to use depends on where you will use it.  Getting the most out of the device you choose depends on the operating system that device has.

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