Apple Has Rejected The Steam Link App on iOS

Steam Link App iOS

The iOS version of Steam Link app has been denied by Apple, citing “business conflicts”.

Steam Link App iOS

It seems like iOS users won’t be enjoying Steam games on their phones for now. Apple has just rejected the Steam Link app from the App Store.

Earlier this month, Steam has announced the release of its free Steam Link app that lets gamers play PC games on their phones. The app has been available for Android users since May 17 and has been working perfectly.

It is a different story for iOS. According to a report from Reuters, the tech giant has blocked the release of the free app. Valve spokesman Doug Lombardi has expressed his dismay regarding Apple’s decision.

“The team here spent many hours on this project and the approval process, so we’re clearly disappointed,” he said. “But we hope Apple will reconsider in the future.”

In a statement given to Ars Technica, Valve detailed how Apple has approved the release of the app on May 7th. “On Wednesday, May 9, Valve released news of the app. The following morning, Apple revoked its approval citing business conflicts with app guidelines that had allegedly not been realized by the original review team.”

The company appealed the decision stating there are already similar apps available on the App Store. However, Apple still denied the appeal and blocked the app’s release.


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