With the much anticipated Fortnite Season 4, avid players of the game are expecting a new Battle Pass. Aside from this, a weekly challenges will also be made available. There are some new things to expect this season, but the challenges work the same in the past.


Battle Pass: Here’s what you need to know


Having said that the Week 1 challenges have a secret that players should track down if they want to level up. The price is the most coveted Omega skin, thus, get your hands as soon as possible.


Apart from getting the Battle Stars, if you would do all the seven Week 1 challenges would lead you to complete the first leg of the game’s Blockbuster challenges. This would lead you to load the screen called the Quite on the Set. In fact, the game developer said that this is only a part of the loadout.


You can actually customize the game’s setting during the pre-match loading screen. According to Reddit user Bfor45, the game’s loading screen offers players a subtle hint of the object being hidden in the gaming world.


As noted, the update has added a moviemaking equipment to the island, a quick check of the image shows a screen that is being filmed near the prison. A Battle Pass icon is faintly appearing in the background. You can actually head to the location and find the icon during the game.


What you will do is to collect it, and it’ll rank up your Battle Pass by one level. It should be noted, however, that players should be able to complete all Week 1 challenges for this to show up. This also indicates that players should have to buy the Season 4 Battle Pass to claim this.


The game’s Season 4 offers up Carbide challenges, among others.