Amazon shifts attention from consumers to developers

Amazon Inc. is trying to change tradition as the consumer-only focus mindset of the company is slowly becoming a developer oriented business.
The strategy shift focuses on app developers as the retail giant is now aggressively courting the latter to strengthen the market of their Kindle Fire amid heavy pressure coming from rival companies including Google. Inc. and Apple.

In their effort to protect and expand their market, Amazon is trying to lure game and app developers to entice prospective consumers into choosing their products. With their Kindle Fire, Amazon is hoping that this device could yield more revenue for the company by offering books, music and other online content.

Amazon began to form a team of developers even before the launch of the Kindle Fire last year and has since become more aggressive.
Chief executive of Glu Mobile Niccolo de Massi said,  “Amazon is a very viable platform and we are encouraged by the speed at which they are moving. They have a very good chance of being the number three player in developer revenues, ahead of Microsoft, if they execute over the next few years.”

Will this change in strategy pave the way for higher market share for Amazon? We’ll soon find out.

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Amazon developing own smartphone

People familiar with Amazon say that is working with suppliers from Asia in their pursuit to develop a smartphone that can compete with other big named manufacturers in the smartphone market.

According to individuals working in some Amazon supply chains in Asia,  the company is trying vigorously to test a smartphone that they can release before the year ends, or sometime early first quarter of 2013.

The smartphone market has seen a rise of manufacturers delving into the arena. Apple and Samsung are clearly the leaders for this market but other companies are trying to be more aggressive so as to have a piece of the smartphone pie.

Amazon has seen a ton of success with their Kindle Fire tablet which runs on Google’s Android OS. It is an affordable alternate to Apple’s pricey iPad.

Last week, Bloomberg reported that Amazon is developing a smartphone for mass production.

Another individual said that Amazon’s new smartphone will feature a screen that is four and five inches big.

If Amazon truly pushes on with their smartphone dreams then it could possibly alter the smartphone landscape. Amazon being a brand people trust could be a game changer in the smartphone wars.

Would you buy a smartphone by Amazon then?

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Archos launches 97 Carbon tablet

Another company is joining the tablet fray as Archos has unveiled their own version set to pit against affordable Android tablets and the Amazon Kindle Fire.

The Archos 97 Carbon is the Archos first entry level tablet in its Elements line. It is being powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Archos 97 Carbon features a 1GHz ARM processor, 1GB of RAM with a rear and front facing camera, a 16GB built in memory, which is expandable up to 32GB via microSD, and a 1024 x 768 display.

According to the CEO of Archos, Henri Crohas, “We wanted to introduce a new series that not only combines affordability with a new slim design, but features the best that Googles has to offer. With the elements series we have done just that. It’s the perfect balance of hardware, software optimization and content through the Google Play ecosystem.”

The Archos 97 Carbon tablet will be available later this month. Priced at $249.99, it is soft on the pocket.

Archos is also set to release a 7 inch and 8 inch tablet in its Elements line sometime in the future.

The Archos 97 Carbon also gives its users full-access to the Google Play store for purchasing and downloading apps.

Are you willing to trade your Kindle tab for the Archos 97 Carbon?

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iPad Mini to be released before 2012 ends?

The rumor that an iPad Mini is coming soon has been spreading like wildfire in cyberspace may have a little truth after all.

The speculated iPad Mini, which individuals say is a game changer, could be coming out before the year ends.

According to reports coming from Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, the much anticipated iPad device is coming this year.

Bloomberg says that a source, which remains unnamed, that the next iPad device sports a ‘7 to 8 inch screen diagonally and will be released before the clock 2012 closes.

Analysts have said that the impending release of the iPad Mini could be Apple’s answer to the influx of tablets coming out from other platforms this year. Namely: the Google Nexus 7, Microsoft Surface and the ever popular Amazon Kindle Fire.

Wall Street Journal on the other hand says that an Asian supplier of Apple is prepping up to produce the smaller version of the iPad.

Wall Street Journal says that a trusted source have said that production will start this September.

This tablet could be pegged cheaper than the previous iteration’s of the device. This could be Apple’s venture to the mass market and not the mid-high class segment.

You ready for the iPad Mini revolution?

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Amazon to cut the price of Kindle Fire by 25%

Wanting to own a Kindle Fire? Well, hold your horses as Amazon might be slashing the price of the Kindle Fire by 25% later on this year after they release they latest ebook reader.

Amazon Kindle Fire made waves last holiday season, as the tablet became a huge alternative to Apple’s iPad. However, after the great rush and sales push during the holiday season, sales began to plummet and slow down and might even take a steep nose dive when Google releases their Nexus 7 inch tablet.

And according to DigiTimes, Amazon may likely cut the price of their Kindle Fire when they release a newer version of their tablets later on this year. The Kindle Fire is retailed at $199, if the price cut is true then it would only be sold at $149.

DigiTimes said that Amazon is going to release a new 7 inch tablet and a 10.1 inch device. The former will be priced at $199, just like what Kindle Fire priced when it was released. Figures weren’t available for the latter.

Apple did this previously when they released newer version of their iPad and iPhone and it worked great for the company. Boosting sales of this old products while at the same time gaining popularity for the newer models.

If given the chance, will you buy the Kindle fire for $149 or would you rather shell out $199 for the newer model?

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