Amazon developing own smartphone


People familiar with Amazon say that is working with suppliers from Asia in their pursuit to develop a smartphone that can compete with other big named manufacturers in the smartphone market.

According to individuals working in some Amazon supply chains in Asia, the company is trying vigorously to test a smartphone that they can release before the year ends, or sometime early first quarter of 2013.

The smartphone market has seen a rise of manufacturers delving into the arena. Apple and Samsung are clearly the leaders for this market but other companies are trying to be more aggressive so as to have a piece of the smartphone pie.

Amazon has seen a ton of success with their Kindle Fire tablet which runs on Google’s Android OS. It is an affordable alternate to Apple’s pricey iPad.

Last week, Bloomberg reported that Amazon is developing a smartphone for mass production.

Another individual said that Amazon’s new smartphone will feature a screen that is four and five inches big.

If Amazon truly pushes on with their smartphone dreams then it could possibly alter the smartphone landscape. Amazon being a brand people trust could be a game changer in the smartphone wars.

Would you buy a smartphone by Amazon then?

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