Amazon to cut the price of Kindle Fire by 25%


Wanting to own a Kindle Fire? Well, hold your horses as Amazon might be slashing the price of the Kindle Fire by 25% later on this year after they release they latest ebook reader.

Amazon Kindle Fire made waves last holiday season, as the tablet became a huge alternative to Apple’s iPad. However, after the great rush and sales push during the holiday season, sales began to plummet and slow down and might even take a steep nose dive when Google releases their Nexus 7 inch tablet.

And according to DigiTimes, Amazon may likely cut the price of their Kindle Fire when they release a newer version of their tablets later on this year. The Kindle Fire is retailed at $199, if the price cut is true then it would only be sold at $149.

DigiTimes said that Amazon is going to release a new 7 inch tablet and a 10.1 inch device. The former will be priced at $199, just like what Kindle Fire priced when it was released. Figures weren’t available for the latter.

Apple did this previously when they released newer version of their iPad and iPhone and it worked great for the company. Boosting sales of this old products while at the same time gaining popularity for the newer models.

If given the chance, will you buy the Kindle fire for $149 or would you rather shell out $199 for the newer model?

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