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If you belong to those readers that still do not know exactly how Reddit works, we have the perfect video for you!

Reddit is a popular social news website that allows you to read the most interesting news of the Internet. Registered users can submit, vote, disuss on content and create a “hot” ranking system.  Reddit users are also allowed to subscribe to specific subredits, which are subcategories that characterize the news you want to follow. Although Reddit started as a humble website, it is now considered one of the most successful social networks, summarizing a broad curated content. Since 2005, Reddit has managed to become a very influential website, something more than just an aggregator.

It is considered a website that promotes the idea of community participation, taking one step further the news reading process through the Internet. Apart from that, it also has a more social side, which attracts more people day by day.

PBS interviewed Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, Reddit’s cofounders, and provided us with a very useful video.

If you still have questions then, and seek for an answer, check out this video. Even if you know about the Reddit basics, it is still interesting!

Facebook Creates New Admin Roles and Scheduled Posts!

Facebook has finally decided to launch the feature of  scheduled posts, after making marketers use Hootsuite and other websites for scheduling, a long time now. Relax, now you can manually schedule a post from Facebook, too!

It seems that Facebook has realised the increasing need for every marketer to use the site as a major tool for online marketing and thus, they decided to cover their continuous need for scheduled posts. Now you don’t need to use any other site for scheduling, which is more convenient than ever! All you have to do is go to the status box and click on the clock that sets the time and month you want to post the post. It’s that simple!

Apart from scheduled posts, Facebook now allows the division between the administrators, in order to clarify each one’s role. If you are managing a Facebook page and have added two others as administrators, you can finally adjust the rights each one will have. For example, you can be the Manager, who is responsible for everything in the page, but you can also have a Content Creator to post and an Insights Analyst to monitor the traffic. It’s like a blog, where you set the role each user has. This can be really helpful, especially if you were cautious until now in adding new admins, being afraid of the possible consequences of their new responsibilities. Now it’s up to you to decide what each one is capable of doing.

It’s another tool that will make marketers happy and generally anyone that uses Facebook Pages.

Scheduled posts are a big step for Facebook, and a possible big loss for third-party apps like Hootsuite and Sendible. Will it change the social media marketing strategies now?

Image source: Mashable

Facebook Launches Trending Videos

Facebook has decided to add the feature “Trending Videos” on the newsfeed, as a way to show what our friends are watching.

After the introduction to the feature “Trending Articles” some time ago, it now extends to “Trending Videos”, in order to capture now everything our friends are reading and watching. Thus, if you have missed any new video, you’ll be able to watch it through the plugin that will appear on top of the newsfeed. However, “Trending Videos” will measure the videos that the friends are watching in applications that are compatible with Facebook’s Open Graph, which might be quite confusing.

What’s more, there are many users that find the “Trending Articles” annoying, and possibly useless, and this could create even bigger irritation for Facebook with “Trending Videos”. According to the opposite view, you don’t need your friends to impose you what to watch. In the era of social media and Internet’s domination, do we really need a plugin to indicate us what to watch?

Of course Facebook must have something in mind, in order to introduce us to this feature. Maybe they are trying to imitate Twitter’s “Trending Topics”, as a way to measure what’s hot in social media. And since Facebook has such a big fanbase, it might be interesting to see the results of  “Trending Videos”. And hopefully they will remove it if it’s not that useful!

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Facebook Rumoured to Buy Opera Browser!

There has been a rumour circulating today that Facebook is thinking of buying the Opera web browser. And even the rumour was enough to create buzz around social media.

Pocket-Lint’s trusted source reports that Facebook is looking to expand, with the launching of its own web browser, through the acquisition of Opera Software. According to The Next Web, Opera Software declined to officially comment on the news, although the website’s research indicates that they are discussing with potential buyers. It is as if something big is going to happen.

After buying Instagram last month and launching Facebook Camera yesterday, what else should we expect from Facebook? A possible acquisition of Opera means that they are planning to launch their unique web browser, thus create much more chances of profit. Regardless of their recent IPO news, such a move would make Google feel threatened even more by Facebook, since it would compete with Google Chrome directly, a browser that was a big success. Although it might just be a rumour, it still shakes the Internet, even with the thought of a unique Facebook web browser.

Can you imagine how this could change Facebook’s (and Internet’s) future?

What do you think?

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