Facebook Rumoured to Buy Opera Browser!


There has been a rumour circulating today that Facebook is thinking of buying the Opera web browser. And even the rumour was enough to create buzz around social media.

Pocket-Lint’s trusted source reports that Facebook is looking to expand, with the launching of its own web browser, through the acquisition of Opera Software. According to The Next Web, Opera Software declined to officially comment on the news, although the website’s research indicates that they are discussing with potential buyers. It is as if something big is going to happen.

After buying Instagram last month and launching Facebook Camera yesterday, what else should we expect from Facebook? A possible acquisition of Opera means that they are planning to launch their unique web browser, thus create much more chances of profit. Regardless of their recent IPO news, such a move would make Google feel threatened even more by Facebook, since it would compete with Google Chrome directly, a browser that was a big success. Although it might just be a rumour, it still shakes the Internet, even with the thought of a unique Facebook web browser.

Can you imagine how this could change Facebook’s (and Internet’s) future?

What do you think?

Image source: Mobiletor.com

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