Worst Gadgets of 2016

2016 has been a great year for tech releases. And though a lot of the releases were huge hits, there were also some that ended up as major disappointments to consumers.

Though the hype was huge in these gadgets, they failed to keep up and ended up failing. Such a shame, these gadgets have great potentials, but for some reasons, they didn’t have great luck last year.

Here are some of the worst gadgets released in 2016:

Hover Boards

These hover boards were a massive hit when it was released! We’ve waited long enough to have something close to those boards from “Back To The Future.”

These electric skateboards gained their popularity because of some celebrities posting shots of themselves rolling around on a hover board. (Thanks Justin Bieber!)

A huge turn of events happened when the CES booth of Future Motion, a Chinese hoverboard maker, said it invented and patented a self-balancing electric skateboard that looked strikingly similar to the ones the marshals confiscated.

After two months, big retailers like Amazon stopped selling hover boards. This is because the US Consumer Product Safety Commission deemed hover boards unsafe as they pose unreasonable risk of fire.


Smart Watches


Google unveiled its Android Wear Smartwatch at CES 2014 along with dozens of smartwatch models. A few months later, Apple also announced its iWatch release. Though sales were going well, they expected that by year two, they could get smart watches to compete with smart phones. Fast forward to 2016 and we see that sales of smart watches have dropped 52 percent from their previous year.


Smart Glasses

At Google’s developers’ conference in 2013, a lot of people were so excited for Google Glass, the very first internet-connected eye wear. At CES of the following year, there has been some models of smart glasses from other models like Vergence Labs’ Epiphany glasses and the Epson Moverio BT-200. The features and functions were really amazing. From taking snapshots in a blink of an eye to controlling drones with hand gestures, these smart watches were so promising.

It’s been almost 3 years since the release but no mainstream smart glasses are selling in high volumes. Google Glass even flopped. Though Apple is also working on a same technology, they haven’t released one yet.
We don’t know what’s in store for these gadgets this year, but we can only hope for the best. Check out britviclearningzone.com to find a co2 laser which is an excellent technology advance.

Agree or disagree with the worst gadgets of 2016? Let us know in the comments so your voice can be heard!

Nokia 6, The First Ever Android Smartphone From The Big Brand

If you’re wondering what happened to Nokia these past few years, then, here they are again. After their Lumia phone releases, the brand is now back with a vengeance. They just released a brand new model – Nokia 6, Nokia’s first ever smartphone powered by Android.

The Nokia 6 was unveiled by the new company that now owns the right to the Nokia brand, HMD Global. The release was announced on the company’s website, ahead of the rumored debut. Surprisingly, the company didn’t make a huge announcement of the release and it’s probably because of the limited market.

This latest Nokia phone runs Android 7.0 Nougat. It sports a 5.5 inch full HD display and wrapped in 2.5 D Gorilla glass. Its unibody is built using 6000 series aluminum. This model also boasts an embedded fingerprint scanner on its home button.

This phone packs a 16-megapixel rear camera with autofocus and dual-tone flash. The front camera is 8 megapixel for awesome selfies.

For louder sound, the smartphone has Dolby Atmos dual amplifiers.

Though this may sound like an interesting model, Nokia 6 is only available to the Chinese market. Since Nokia’s brand is still being re-established, launching the phone in China first will help them determine future steps of action. The Chinese market is still going through its growth phase and it’s going to be easier for them to rebrand than it would be in saturated citadels where Nokia once ruled.


Tech Rental Sites Allow Consumers To Experience The Latest Gadgets Before Buying

The latest gadgets today can be really pricey.. and don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to buy those cool gadgets if they’re worth the price. Of course, there’s a long list of things to consider like how often you’re going to use it, the purpose of using it, how it’s going to help you in the long run, and the list goes on. The only way to figure out is to experience it first hand.

It seems like the Tech God heard our prayers and he gave us these tech rental sites.

Yija Wang wanted to cover her best friend’s wedding using a drone. However, a drone will cost her an arm and leg. Not only that, she knew that even she had the money to buy a drone, she wouldn’t use it often.

So, being the resourceful girl she is, Yija looked for a gadget rental site. She scored a drone for a month for less than a hundred bucks! How cool is that!

In just a click of a mouse, she rented it, paid for it, and it was delivered in front of her doorsteps.

Learn more about Yija’s story here.

Yija rented from Grover, a tech rental site. There are also other sites like Lumoid, which allows you to rent gadgets from iPad to camera kits. The rental fee starts at $30 depending on the length of rent. To secure their gadgets, these sites have damage waiver fees. And if you cant afford to buy yourself one then you can get a loan from Lån på dagen.

To sign up, you just need to put in your information and pay a refundable deposit in case the items were trashed.

After using the gadgets, the deposit will be immediately refunded after they were shipped back without damages.

Some sites also offer rent to own options.

According to a tech expert, these sites are really helpful for those who are a bit tight on cash or afraid to spend money on gadgets they haven’t tried yet. Now they are going to Debt Consolidation Company to cover their financials.

These sites are indeed safe and easy to use. However, consumers should always read the policies and make sure that the fees are reasonable.

It’s also important to wipe away all your personal info or images after using the gadgets.

Three Awesome Sites That Will Trade In Your Old Gadgets For Cash

Thinking of selling your old gadgets? Well, you can and no, you don’t have to go through a tedious process like selling them on eBay or Craigslist for a really cheap price. In fact, you can make a good amount depending on your gadget’s brand, model, and condition. Now, you don’t have to trade your old gadgets for gift cards. There are some cool online sites that will trade your used gadgets for cash in an instant.

Basically, they all just work the same. Just tell the website made by WebDesign499 Web Design and what kind of gadget you have and it will give you a price quotation. The site will then send you a shipping label. Once they receive the gadget, they will inspect the condition and send you the payment through PayPal or send you a check.

3 Cool Sites That Trade Gadgets for Cash

1. Gazelle

Among all the tech trading sites, Gazelle is the most popular. It’s a known site for people who want to buy used devices. Gazelle has paid out more than $200,000 million in total from its thousands of successful transactions. The site will send you a free box and shipping label. They will allow you to decide to proceed with the trade for up to 30 days. If your device’s condition is better than they expected, they will even pay you more than their original quote.

Gazelle accepts a lot of Android Devices and a wide range of Apple products.

2. StoPoint

StoPoint is also a highly rated gadget trading site. Speed is it’s bragging point. After 24 hours of receiving your device, StoPoint will instantly send you money through PayPal. Not only that, StoPoint also accepts a wide variety of old hardware. They buy cameras, lenses, and gaming consoles!

3. MaxBack

MaxBack is a cool site like Gazelle. However, the best thing about this site is they accept more gadgets. They buy headphones, smart watches, Fitbits, bluetooth speakers, and even VR headsets. This site has a great reputation on TrustPilot and ResellerRatings. The only downfall of this site is not buying gaming consoles.

Tips For A Hassle-Free Gadget Trading Transaction

In order to make sure that your transaction will go smoothly with these trading sites, you need to keep these in mind:

1. Wipe Out Your Info and Factory Reset Your Gadget
Do your part and make sure you send a gadget without any of your traces. Make sure you wipe out all your images, contacts, texts, remove all your social media accounts, and emails. The easiest way to do that is to factory reset your gadget.

2. Check for Negative Reviews
When looking for a trading site, make sure that you also look for negative reviews. Check if there were some transaction issues reported on the Better Business Bureau. You can also check other sites like ResellerRatings and TrustPilot.

3. Do Your Research
Before making any transactions, do your research. Is the price quotation fair enough for you? You might want to check other websites to see who has the better offer.

2017 Best Gadgets To Watch Out For

Last year has been an amazing year when it comes to new technology and gadgets. But guess what? 2017 has a lot in store for us, too!

Are you ready to know what the hottest gadgets are for us this year?

Check these out:

1. Apple iPhone 8

If you’re loving your iPhone 7 now, wait until you see the awesome features of the upcoming Apple iPhone 8. It is expected that Apple will overhaul the phone’s design for their 10th anniversary this year.

Rumor has it that Apple will swap its liquid-crystal LCD display for one made of organic light-emitting diodes or OLEDs which will wrap around the phone’s edges.

Since OLED displays are thinner, you can expect that the new Apple iPhone8 will be lighter and more flexible than ever.

It also seems like Apple wants to make the feature more functional by enabling the phone to reach when you touch its sides (not just one).

2. Nintendo Switch

This new generation console from Nintendo will hit the ground running this year. The release was announced October last year when the Japanese game giant Nintendo claimed that Nintendo Switch will reinvent gaming.

This is a hybrid device that transformed a traditional home console to a device with detachable controllers.

Nintendo’s last release was ten years ago when they introduced Wii U. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well and they ended up only selling 13 million Wii U consoles worldwide for ten years.

This year, they are very positive to release this amazing console in March 2017 and they’re hoping for better sales.

3. Samsung Galaxy S8

If you’re an android loyalist, then this one is for you. After the Galaxy Note 7 recall, Samsung has to find their way to get their good reputation back. Hopefully, the release of upcoming Galaxy S8 will delight consumers once again.

It is expected to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress trade show in late February.

Samsung already revealed some cool features like its new virtual personal assistant. It’s also rumored to pack a high-resolution “4K” display, a second rear camera, and an added security, iris scanned.

4. Doppler Labs Here One

It’s been over a year when Doppler Labs made their promise to revolutionize the way we hear the world through its digital ears, Active Listening ear buds.

The company made more than $600,000 in Kickstart and now, everyone is waiting for people to test it out.

Doppler Labs claimed that their earbuds can filter out unwanted noise from the world like a crying baby while allowing wearers to listen to music and hold conversations.

5. Android Wear 2.0 smart watches

Let’s admit it. 2016 wasn’t a great year for smart watches. But if everything turns out well, 2017 will bring new smart watches based on the updated version of Google’s operating system, Android Wear 2.0.

This system will let users to download and run apps on their watches through cellular connection, Bluetooth, and Wifi.

What gadgets are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

Oakley Radar Pace Glasses: Not Your Average Sports Eyewear

Ahh! Thank goodness for technology. Gone are the days when you have to do things manually on your own. Now, in just a click of a mouse or a voice command, you can work on your important tasks. Let’s take this Oakley Radar Pace Glasses for example.

Do you envy people who have the discipline to run and do their daily cardio exercises religiously? Well, that’s what most of us feel. But the good news is, keeping track of your daily exercise won’t be a challenge for us anymore. Thanks to these glasses!

The Oakley Radar Pace Glasses

The Oakley Radar Pace glasses may look like the sports eyewear you wear every day – futuristic and sleek. But it’s not just that. This eyewear has a voice-activated coaching system. Now, how cool is that?

The system works with removable earphones, three microphones, and some internal sensors for real-time updates on your physical activities like running or cycling. The commands are delivered with the vocal prompt “Ok, Radar”. It’s something like Apple’s Siri, but is more geared towards your activities.

So, what’s the fuss?

The Oakley Radar Pace Glasses are paired with an application. Using the app, you can create your own training plan based on your fitness levels. It allows you to choose if you’re a beginner, advanced, or expert. The app also lets you choose among three programs you want to focus on – speed, maintenance, and endurance. It is so flexible, easy to use, and surprisingly, motivational.

For starters, you can start your interaction by asking Radar for your workout plan for the day. Radar will answer based on the plan you set on the app. It starts with the warm-up then your main exercise.

The glasses are easy to carry, comfortably light, ergonomic, and with minimal shaking or sliding. It also gives motivational advice along the way like “use shorter, quicker steps as you run.”

Missed a schedule? Worry no more. These glasses will automatically reschedule it so there’s no flaking out.

You can also take phone calls wirelessly from your pocket and easily play music through the earphones linked to the glasses. Not only that, you can also connect other devices like foot pods and heart rate monitors. Awesome, right?

Unfortunately, lenses aren’t available in prescription form, which is a major downfall. With a price of $490, it can deter some casual joggers. But for distance runners, who are the real target audience, they will seem to go down well.

What are your thoughts? Does this look like a good buy? Let us know in the comments!

Google Revealed its New Self Driving Car Model…

Waymo, Google’s spinoff self-driving car division, has revealed their latest self-driving car model and yes, it’s based on the Chrysler Pacifica minivan. John Krafcik, the chief executive of Waymo, said that this new minivan model will help them learn more about their test markets. This new model is perfect in analyzing the full self-driving experience for different types of people.

Recently, it was announced that Waymo would become an independent operating unit within Alphabet, Google’s parent holding company. The goal is for Waymo to advance and move further on autonomous driving technology.

There were some rumors about the company’s plan in focusing more on partnerships with other motor manufacturers. The tech giant remained quiet about it, but they made it clear that the goal for now is to do further research and learn about the full experience of their target markets on full self-drive mode.

Some reports also claimed that Waymo would be partnering with motor manufacturer, Fiat-Chrysler, in a ridesharing venture next year. If this happens, Waymo would be competing with companies like Uber and Lyft.

According to Krafcik, the new Chrysler minivans are already being tested. They are planning to do some more tests in California where Waymo’s facility is located and at the FCA’s centers in Michigan and Arizona.

Now, the part we’ve all been waiting for. Here’s a first look at the completed self-driving minivan.

Image Credit: IOL.co.za
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