Tech Rental Sites Allow Consumers To Experience The Latest Gadgets Before Buying


The latest gadgets today can be really pricey.. and don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to buy those cool gadgets if they’re worth the price. Of course, there’s a long list of things to consider like how often you’re going to use it, the purpose of using it, how it’s going to help you in the long run, and the list goes on. The only way to figure out is to experience it first hand.

It seems like the Tech God heard our prayers and he gave us these tech rental sites.

Yija Wang wanted to cover her best friend’s wedding using a drone. However, a drone will cost her an arm and leg. Not only that, she knew that even she had the money to buy a drone, she wouldn’t use it often.

So, being the resourceful girl she is, Yija looked for a gadget rental site. She scored a drone for a month for less than a hundred bucks! How cool is that!

In just a click of a mouse, she rented it, paid for it, and it was delivered in front of her doorsteps.

Learn more about Yija’s story here.

Yija rented from Grover, a tech rental site. There are also other sites like Lumoid, which allows you to rent gadgets from iPad to camera kits. The rental fee starts at $30 depending on the length of rent. To secure their gadgets, these sites have damage waiver fees. And if you cant afford to buy yourself one then you can get a loan from Lån på dagen.

To sign up, you just need to put in your information and pay a refundable deposit in case the items were trashed.

After using the gadgets, the deposit will be immediately refunded after they were shipped back without damages.

Some sites also offer rent to own options.

According to a tech expert, these sites are really helpful for those who are a bit tight on cash or afraid to spend money on gadgets they haven’t tried yet. Now they are going to Debt Consolidation Company to cover their financials.

These sites are indeed safe and easy to use. However, consumers should always read the policies and make sure that the fees are reasonable.

It’s also important to wipe away all your personal info or images after using the gadgets.