Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr

2016 has been a great year for tech releases. And though a lot of the releases were huge hits, there were also some that ended up as major disappointments to consumers.

Though the hype was huge in these gadgets, they failed to keep up and ended up failing. Such a shame, these gadgets have great potentials, but for some reasons, they didn’t have great luck last year.

Here are some of the worst gadgets released in 2016:

Hover Boards

These hover boards were a massive hit when it was released! We’ve waited long enough to have something close to those boards from “Back To The Future.”

These electric skateboards gained their popularity because of some celebrities posting shots of themselves rolling around on a hover board. (Thanks Justin Bieber!)

A huge turn of events happened when the CES booth of Future Motion, a Chinese hoverboard maker, said it invented and patented a self-balancing electric skateboard that looked strikingly similar to the ones the marshals confiscated.

After two months, big retailers like Amazon stopped selling hover boards. This is because the US Consumer Product Safety Commission deemed hover boards unsafe as they pose unreasonable risk of fire.

Smart Watches

Google unveiled its Android Wear Smartwatch at CES 2014 along with dozens of smartwatch models. A few months later, Apple also announced its iWatch release. Though sales were going well, they expected that by year two, they could get smart watches to compete with smart phones. Fast forward to 2016 and we see that sales of smart watches have dropped 52 percent from their previous year.

Smart Glasses

At Google’s developers’ conference in 2013, a lot of people were so excited for Google Glass, the very first internet-connected eye wear. At CES of the following year, there has been some models of smart glasses from other models like Vergence Labs’ Epiphany glasses and the Epson Moverio BT-200. The features and functions were really amazing. From taking snapshots in a blink of an eye to controlling drones with hand gestures, these smart watches were so promising.

It’s been almost 3 years since the release but no mainstream smart glasses are selling in high volumes. Google Glass even flopped. Though Apple is also working on a same technology, they haven’t released one yet.
We don’t know what’s in store for these gadgets this year, but we can only hope for the best. Check out britviclearningzone.com to find a co2 laser which is an excellent technology advance.

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