Think Your Business Won’t Benefit from New Tech? Think Again


Apps are strategic tools that any business can use to boost web traffic, foot traffic, customer satisfaction, and sales. In the restaurant industry, apps are popular among employees and customers because the technology simplifies the process of getting food to tables quickly. Restaurant apps can highlight order history, display a menu, and give customers opportunities to enroll in a loyalty program. According to a report, 36 percent of diners prefer using apps instead of ordering food the traditional way. They enjoy the convenience that an app provides as a typical program can process a reservation quickly and efficiently.

By identifying areas, you can improve efficiency. For example, in the United States, over 25 percent of the general population don’t enjoy talking on a landline phone or smartphone. As a result, old-school businesses that lack a customer service app lose many potential customers. Also, when compared to phone calls, customer service apps are better since they don’t make major mistakes. As a result, in order to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction and consistent sales, a business must invest in some sort of customer service app.

Technology Saves Money

In the restaurant industry, thousands of owners are saving money using POS systems because the technology lets customers process transactions without calling over an employee. This is a big advantage for a growing business as it prevents the need to hire extra employees during a holiday sales rush. Integrated POS systems also work well in retail stores, malls, and hotel lobbies.

Using technology to cut down on utilities and other recurring fees can greatly lighten the load of a business. For example, businesses in the hospitality industry have begun to incorporate smart thermostats throughout their hotels and suites. They are able to minimize costs as the thermostat is able to self adjust according to if the guestroom is occupied, therefore not heating or cooling unoccupied rooms.

One of the key areas where all businesses can use technology to save cash is the shipping department. Many things can impact a mobile company’s bottom line, such as breakdowns, maintenance, excessive gas usage, and undeliverable mail. But when mobile drivers use GPS tools along with vehicle diagnostic devices, they’re able to take practical routes around traffic and reach customers on time without experiencing breakdowns. Then, the next part of the process is making sure that items are delivered to the right postal address. Through address verification technology, businesses can ensure that mail and other packages reach their customers and effectively reduce operational waste.

Digital Signs Simplify Marketing

When a digital sign is used as a marketing tool, people notice the brand. This technology is practical and convenient because it lets a business highlight sales, company info, important events, and more on a convenient LED display. Screens also just naturally draw the eye more than paper marketing can. There’s something magnetic about screens that make people look. Using this magnetism to your advantage can help you connect with customers and potential customers. Make sure your signs provide useful information as well as catching the eye of customers. A sign that is only attractive, but doesn’t try to sell your business or products is a sign wasted. Digital signs are becoming so popular that many fast food restaurants are now using digital signage for their menus and overhead signs. You’ll see a noticeable ROI with digital signage.