6 Health Gadgets to Help You Live Your Best Life


Health gadgets are wildly popular items nowadays as people become more aware of, not just their physical health, but also their mental and emotional health. With this new awareness, consumers want to find the best new technology that can help them live a long, healthy life. Here are several health gadgets that can transform your health for the better.

Wearable Fitness Trackers

Today’s society loves gadgets and wearables. Fitbit, for example, made a big difference in getting people up and walking. Now a whole market of personal wearable fitness trackers has emerged out of nowhere with Fitbit as the pioneer. The Fitbit Charge 3 and the Versa are still the top Fitbit products on the market. The Fitbit Charge 3 is a thin, lightweight fitness tracker, while the Fitbit Versa combines the versatility of a smartwatch and a tracker.

Metabolism Tracking Devices

There is a huge interest in health and wellness devices in the past few years. One of the devices that provides this service is the Lumen Metabolism Tracking Device. Lumen can help you measure the nutrients you are taking in every day. The device needs to be paired with an app on your phone. Lumen will then analyze your breath. With your breath, Lumen can tell you if you are burning carbohydrates or fat. Lumen can also give you tips such as if you need to sleep more, change your eating hours, and also how your food choices today will affect you the next day.

Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems can make a huge difference in today’s society. Some top performers in this category include the Medical Guardian and Bay Alarm Medical system. Most medical alert systems combine a wearable with a monitoring base that can be set up at home. The wearable pairs with a monitoring base that is set up at home and preprogrammed with options in case of an emergency, such as calling medical personnel or sending emergency vehicles. Medical Guardian has a shorter response time compared to other units in the market.

VR Goggles

Mental health and technology have often been at odds with each other. However, in this instance, technology has created something extraordinary to add to your meditation sessions. Virtual reality mediation sessions are a new way to feel an immersive meditative experience.

You will need to stock up on two items if you wish to give virtual reality meditation a try. First, you’ll need VR goggles. Second, you’ll need to download a VR meditation app onto your phone. Your phone will be inserted into the VR goggles, which go over your head and across your eyes. One of the most well-rated VR goggles is the inexpensive Google Cardboard VR Goggles. It is made out of cardboard but is enough to give most people an idea of what VR meditation is like.

Essential Oil Diffusers

Aromatherapy essential oil diffusers have become more popular these days as consumers search for natural, health-conscious ways to alleviate pain, stress, and anxiety. Since essential oils are known for its therapeutic results and have practically no side effects, newer and more efficient diffusers have entered the market.

There are four main diffusers out on the market currently. These are:

  • Ultrasonic Diffusers
  • Atomizer Diffusers
  • Heated Diffusers
  • Fan Diffusers

One of the most popular diffusers on the market is the AromaMist Ultrasonic Diffuser. The AromaMist Ultrasonic Diffuser is easy to use and stays extremely quiet in the background. When the water is low, the unit has a built-in shut-off function. The diffuser will release a cold mist containing essential oil microparticles into the air.

Sanitizing Travel Wand

When it comes to sanitizing wands, the Verilux CleanWave Portable UV Sanitizing Travel Wand is the original sanitizing wand to appear in consumer markets.

Sanitizing wands use UV rays to kill 99.9% of surface-level germs and bacteria. UV rays will not penetrate deep surfaces, but they will disinfect and sterilize germs on the surface of a train seat, food court seat, faucets and doorknobs, remote control, or even the surface of your hotel bed and blanket. Since Verilux CleanWave Portable UV Sanitizing Travel Wand made its debut, many others have begun showing up in stores, giving consumers more choices and options.

Technology has come a long way to bridge the gap between high tech and everyday gadgets, as more and more technology becomes accessible to everyday consumers. With a new awareness of health and wellness, health gadgets have become one of the top categories for health-conscious individuals.

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