How Tech is Making Our Homes Smarter and Safer


Thanks to all the great technological advancements of the last several years, the home safety market has expanded to offer many advanced innovations to homeowners.

There are products available to help homeowners monitor their property and detect thieves in ways that were previously unavailable. Other products are designed to prevent accidents in the home and to put out immediate alerts when the unthinkable happens. Advanced home safety products and equipment are better than ever before.

With the use of the following innovations, you can better protect your family and home.

Electrical Safety

Arc flash incidents can happen at any time. Electrical arc flashes burn at nearly 35,000 degrees, which is hotter than the sun’s surface. Fortunately, through the use of technology, there are ways to instantly detect this serious threat.

Through the use of arc fault detection devices (AFDDs), you can specifically protect your home from arc flashes and faults. When dangerous electric arcs are detected, they automatically trip the circuit.

Easy to install along with other protective equipment in electrical panels, AFDDs are small, modular devices. Installed on the electrical circuits at greatest risk, the device protects your household’s electrical system and instantly detects dangerous arcs.

Home Monitoring

One of the more popular home safety measures, remote home monitoring involves security systems that allow you to see the inside and outside of your home wherever you area. You can ensure the safety of children who get home from school before you get home from work or the activity of a family pet.

In cases of burglary, you’re sent instant notifications regarding the activity via an app on your smartphone. Once logged into the system, you can view your home from any installed monitoring camera. Along with the cameras are sensors installed at windows and more that can alert you to out-of-the-ordinary activity and help detect break-ins quickly.

Smart Doorbells

A newer technology that’s proven very effective in combating burglary and theft, smart doorbells help you keep an eye on visitors and potential thieves. They can also help protect against the theft of parcels left at your door by the postal service or other carriers.

Giving you a clear image from your front door, the camera has integrated motion detectors. You can access your camera from your smartphone through a connected app. When someone comes to your door, you’re notified which is a great convenience when you have to be away from home for errands, work, or vacations.

LED Home Lighting

Another great security feature for when you have to be away from home, only this one can give the impression that you’re actually there. Through the use of a remote access system, you can select LED lighting to turn on throughout your home when you can’t be there but don’t want others to know that.

These systems are also very helpful if you have elderly family members with mobility challenges. Using a device connected to the system, they can turn lights on and off easily without having to get out of their chair.

If you’re looking for ways to protect your family and your home, there are many great products and services available. There are many great companies available to help you implement these systems and guide you each step of the way.

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