VIDEO: #9 Dr Lupo Unbans Toxic Subscriber



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Twitch Streamer Unbans Fan After They Write 1,000 Word Apology Letter

DrLupo decides to ban a subscriber for toxic behavior but with a caveat. Seeing as I have experience in running a Minecraft server several years back that had over 9,000 players visit over the course of a year I know the levels of toxicity the internet has out there, so I rant a little bit about it myself.

PlayStation Announces Exclusive Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle

500 Million PlayStation systems sold means 500 Million adventures. It means 500 Million journeys into the unknown, 500 Million courageous stands against evil, 500 Million memories of playing with family and friends. So cheers to 500 Million more epic moments ahead!

5 myths about iPhone battery life you might mistakenly believe — and what you should do instead

Some of the myths we cover include leaving your phone plugged in overnight, closing unused apps and more!

21 Things We Learned About Fallout 76 Today

With QuakeCon 2018 happening this weekend, a panel about Fallout 76 happened as well. This is the latest information dump since E3, so be sure to listen in!

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