VIDEO: #28 The Google Maps Feature We’ve Been Waiting For



The Google Maps feature we’ve all been dying for is finally almost here

The feature, currently in testing, is called “Current Trip,” Android Police explains. What it does is to allow Google Maps users to return to the navigation route they’ve just set up in Google Maps without losing it. What happens in Google Maps now is that you can’t use the app to perform other searches without interrupting the trip you’re on if you’re already using navigation. But, Google is testing a way to return to your previous driving directions even after you’ve used Google Maps for something else, like searching for a nearby restaurant.

Snap launches new styles of Spectacles that look more like traditional sunglasses

If the main hangup that’s kept you from purchasing Snap’s Spectacles has been their design, two new models that the company is introducing today might eliminate those hesitations. Snap has just announced the new Veronica and Nico styles of Spectacles 2. They contain all the same features and recording quality improvements as the model first introduced in April, but this time inside a more traditional look. It maybe won’t be quite so obvious that you’re wearing Spectacles anymore.

Audi kills its manual-transmission cars: How America lost its love for the stick shift

The luxury automotive brand, part of Volkswagen Group, confirmed that it will no longer offer any manual-transmission vehicles in the U.S. beginning with the 2019 model year. The final Audi models offered with a stick-shift variant were the 2018 A4 sedan and A5 coupe, Audi spokeswoman Amanda Koons said.

Fortnite Mobile Players Have Figured Out a Way to Predict the Path and Final Location of the Cube

It has been theorized that the cube will eventually end up in, or near, Loot Lake, and mobile players using the lowest graphics settings may have now confirmed it. According to a Reddit post that has gained a huge amount of traction, playing on these low settings allows players to see patches of grass that indicate where the cube has been and where it will be in the future. See the below image to track where the cube might wind up next!


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