Upcoming Video Game Releases – August 2018


With summer soon wrapping up and school starting up again, here are the latest video game releases coming out this month!

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2. August 3, 2018

WarioWare Gold

– Nintendo 3DS


When Wario realises he’s out of money, he sets out to make some cash – and fast. After asking some old “friends” to make some games for him, Wario plans on hosting the greatest video game tournament of all time to scheme his way to deep pockets! With a 10 thousand coin fee per entrant, he’s sure to achieve his goal of getting rich quick – though he’s offered a whopping 10 million coins as the winning prize! Will it be you who walks away with it all, or will the zigzag-‘stached man himself scheme his way out of the promised jackpot in the heist of the century?

Wario’s problems don’t end here though – he’s also stolen a rather heavy piece of golden treasure, and someone’s after him to get it back!