#2 Parents Paying For Fortnite Coaches?!?!


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Tech News Topic:

Daktronics, CUE Audio Partner to Create Opportunities to Enhance Fan Experience in 20,000-Plus Venues

Gadget Topic:

Huawei beats Apple in smartphone sales for the first time

First time ever that Apple has been kicked out of second place in the smartphone sales race, but Apple is looking at slightly better sales this quarter compared to previous quarters.

Video Game Topic:

Parents Are Paying To Get Their Kids Fortnite Training

Wish I could say I’m making this up but I’m not. Although this isn’t new in the video game industry, Fortnite has made it more popular to hire a coach so that you can get better at the game.

According to The Wall Street Journal (via Bleacher Report), parents are paying coaches by the hour to improve their children’s Fortnite techniques. One parent commented, “There’s pressure not to just play it but to be really good at it. You can imagine what that was like for him at school.” Parents may commonly pay for their children to learn a sport or an instrument, but now that same concept is going toward video game prowess.


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