Takeaways And Food Deliveries By A Drone Is Now A Thing in China

China Drone Food Delivery

The government has approved food delivery via drones in Shanghai, China.

China Drone Food Delivery

Alibaba-owned Ele.me has just been given the green light to deliver food by drone.

The government has approved 17 routes in Shanghai’s Jinshan Industrial Park. This covers about 22.4 miles area of the park.

A report from The South China Morning Post says that the drones will be operating from two fixed locations for each route. This means restaurants around the area won’t have to spend on fuel and manpower in going to customer’s houses the whole way. According to Ele.me, humans would only need to cover about 15 percent of its usual routes.

One delivery staff can bring the orders to the start point and place them into the cargo hold of the drone. Another staff at the delivery point will pick up and deliver the meals to the customer’s houses.

Doing it this way will substantially reduce their operating costs, compared with regular road deliveries.

This will also cut the delivery time. Customers can expect to get their deliveries within 20 minutes after they order. Ele.me serves 100 different restaurants who are operating within Jinshan Industrial Park.


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