Plex Adds Support For Podcasts


Support For Podcasts Added By Plex

Plex adds support for podcasts and personalization so you will not have to leave your home screen. Plex is releasing an entirely redesigned mobile experience today. This is for Android and IOs. It is not just support for podcasts that Plex is adding. It also debuts personalized mobile apps.

The Added New Features

Plex spoke of adding more types of content to its media center software earlier this year. It includes video and audio podcasts. This is followed by digital, web-first, and other longer-form creator content.


The company’s larger goal is to organize all your media content in one place. From live and recorded TV, to your personal media collections (photos, music, and videos), and your news and information. Now, it will also include your favorite podcast.

plex podcasts

More About The Added Feature

You can browse and search across Plex’s podcast library. You can also filter podcasts by categories, or click into a title to see the details, episode lists, and related podcasts. If the podcast you want is not in the Plex catalog, you can add it by entering the feed URL and Plex will treat it as it is.

The feature also includes the standard media controls. There is a “mark as played” option. This option will help you transition to Plex’s podcast platform from another app. This can be done without you losing your place, in terms of what you have listened to, and what you have not. It will also let you continually mark episodes you have caught elsewhere, or if you want to skip it.

Plex And Its Goal Of Contributing To Making Life Easier

Plex’s additional feature was not that perfect during testings. Today we have to observe and see how it fares as it a publicly facing product.

The company is developing more features for podcasts. This is to do its share to contribute to making life easier for us, through technology and innovation.

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