No More Facebook Login For Hinge


Login On Facebook Is No Longer Required With Hinge

You do not have to login via Facebook to Hinge. This is a major change for the dating app. The dating app Hinge will still retain the ability for users to login with Facebook. But it is adding the ability of app users to login using a phone number.

What Is Hinge

Hinge is a dating app which was launched in 2013. The app has used Facebook user connections to match people. It aims to help people find long-term partners. But its CEO Justin McLeod said app users have been requesting for additional login options.


The dating app has relied on Facebook for quiet some time. McLeod thinks they have reached the point where their app does not really need the user data anymore. Hinge has recently introduced new features. These features include “milestone gifts”, which they give out to couples, with long-term relationships, as reward. The recent features also help their app users to avoid ghosting.

The Changes In Hinge

Among Hinge’s change is its additional login options for app users, which is by using phone numbers instead of logging in with Facebook. Also the app’s “milestone gifts” and Ability to help avoid ghosting.

The change came in the wake of Bumble’s announcement of its requirement of logging in with Facebook. This made Hinge set out to give its users another option in logging in.

Another reason for the change is Facebook itself. The social media app has announced that it will be introducing a dating app. This will make Facebook one of Hinge’s competition then.

When Will The Change Be Available To Hinge Users

According to Hinge, the change will be available for Android users on June 5th. For iOS users, the change will be available on June 12th.

With the launching of the change come Hinge’s hope that this will make their app users’ access to their app easier and faster.

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