New Dark Mode And Apple News App For MacOS 10.14


New News App And Dark Mode For Apple’s MacOS 10.14

According to early reports, MacOS 10.14 gets new dark mode and Apple news apps. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith tweeted a screenshot of which he said was to be that of macOs 10.14. It focused on Xcode 10 and showed a couple of bigger changes to the operation system.




The New Dark Mode

The new version of the macOs will seem to have a more comprehensive dark mode. It just does not darken the menu bar and the dock. It darkens broadly, affecting apps and even the trash can. This seems that the feature could affect the whole system.

The whole UI is dark So is the white text and iconography. It looks like it is possibly hitting a more universal dark mode on the Mac.

Other New Features

Another noticeable thing on the screenshot is what appears to be a new default system wallpaper. It shows sand dunes under a starry night sky. There is a suggestion that one of the possible names for the macOS 10.14 is Mojave.

A new icon is visible below the newly designed Xcode. This icon is not on the Mac: News. This shows that the news app is making its way to the Mac. This is good news as to Mac users. They find it disadvantageous when an Apple News is unavailable on a Mac. News stories get shared on Twitter and through messages and could only be opened on iOS.

How The Details Came Out Early

As all other premature reports, the details came out because of a leak. The leak came from Apple itself through a short preview video. Video previews are currently available on Apple’s mobile platform.

There has never been rumors about what is to come with the macOS 10.14. But there has been speculation that there could be some integration between Mac ans iOS apps. Apple kicks off its keynote talk June 4th and we will be able to find out more about it.

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