iPhone-to-iPhone Augmented Reality May Soon Be Possible

Augmented reality iPhone X

Apple may soon debut an iPhone-to-iPhone augmented reality feature.

Augmented reality iPhone X

If you think the race for the best (and most) augmented reality (AR) products is gonna slow down, you’re wrong. Huge companies like Google, Amazon and Apple are scrambling to spit out as many AR products as they can develop them.

Both Google and Apple are reportedly trying to develop an AR technology that will allow two people to see the same virtual object in the same space. This bit of technology however is quite controversial and has brought out privacy concerns.

But Apple seems to have gone ahead and is ready to announce its iPhone-to-iPhone AR technology.

Sources claim that the Cupertino-based company has found a workaround to the privacy concern. The scanned data is reportedly going to be sent directly between the phones. This means Apple will not have any chance to see or record any data transmitted between two phones.

This is different from Google’s process which includes users having to scan their surroundings and store that data in the cloud.

The company has declined to comment on any of this rumours. But it has been widely speculated that there won’t be any hardware reveals this year at the WWDC. Instead, Apple will focus on software updates and and bug fixes.

If that is the case, debuting this AR feature would definitely be oen the highlights of the event. We’ve already heard about iPhones possibly being able to open doors. Adding the iPhone-to-iPhone AR would be the icing on the cake. Don’t you think so?


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