Google Subtly Stopped Selling Tablets


Selling Of Tablets Has Been Stopped By Google

Google has stopped selling tablets. The company has removed the “tablets” heading from its Android page.Google used to pretend that Android tablets do not exist.

They have been doing the impressive “pretend” thing for years now. But the company has made an update. They have removed the tablet section from their Android website entirely.

Google’s Struggle

Making Android a convincing alternative to iOs in the tablet realm was what Google has struggled to do. But this move of putting a stop to selling tablets showed what its preference is. This simply proves that Google has more inclinations toward the Chrome OS side of things. This is where the questionable network of netbooks have been inherited the company. Google’s bowing out is no surprise since they have been working on broadening Android compatibility with OS.


The Future Of Tablets

Will tablets be gone for good then? Not necessarily. Although Google has stopped selling them, this does not mean that tablets will be no more. Other companies are still making them. Companies like Samsung, Amazon, and others are still into making tablets. And there might probably some nice ones in the future.

Why Is Google Not Selling Them

Google has been pretending that tablets do not exist for several years now. But these time their pretense has become real. They did stop selling tablets. The most probable reason why the company has done this is maybe they are not patronizing tablets as when it comes to features and support.

According to a certain tweet, there was a bug on a recent site update. It is said to be the reason why the tablet section on the Android website was removed.

Regardless of what Google’s reason may be, the fact remains that the company quits selling tablets. But It does not mean other companies will stop also. There are still others who will continue to make and sell tablets.

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