Boost Arena Will Be Launched On June 28


Boost Arena Launching Will Be On June 28

Boost Arena is a destruction derby game which will be launched on June 28. This “” style Destruction Derby Game has slick visuals.

The “.io” game craze was spawned by the likes of and a couple of years ago. It has provided a seemingly infinite wave of similar simplistic multiplayer games. But for some reason, they almost all look like crap.

boost arena

All About The Game

This game will have you frantically collecting “boost balls”. You will also be smashing open power crates before your opponents can get to them. It would be to their advantage if they get to the power crates first and snag up its contents. You will be armed with good weaponry. The player can use this to take out your opponents. You can also use the good old fashioned physical contact to take out your opponents.

To survive the game, you have to get to the crates first, smash them open and get the power ups inside them. Aside from gathering as much boost balls as you can, you also need to collect as much power ups as you can so you can defeat your opponents and take them out of the game.

How To Get Hold Of The Game

Developers have taken the time to make this game look good visually. If this game has captured your attention, you can click on the link on an iOS 11 device so you can pre-order the game in the App Store.

But if pre-ordering is not for you, then you can wait for the game to arrive on June 28. It will then be available in the App Store for free.So, let us wait till June 28 and have fun with the game.

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