Best Steam Games of 2018


Best Games On Steam For 2018

Steam is the first place to look for best games this 2018. If you are into PC gaming, checkout Steam. You will find the best PC games here. Steam has over 23,000 games on its platform.

If you buy one, you can download and install it as many times as you like. The problem lies with what to game to choose.

The Steam Platform

Steam is a giant labyrinth of games. With over 23,000 games on the platform, you will indeed have a hard time choosing which games to prefer. If you are tempted by its frequent sales, you might end up with a collection of titles you have never booted up.

To help you choose among these games, continue reading this article so you can get pointers on what games to choose. You will find some titles in this article which might be helpful in making your choices.


What Remains Of Edith Finch

This indie smash which arrived in 2017 has recently won a “best game” in BAFTA awards. This is a narrative- led adventure in which you walk, first-person style, around as Edith Finch and exploring the house in which you grew up. It is sort of an interactive movie.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdon

The first Ni No Kuni game was a collaboration with Japanese animation masters Studio Ghibli. This game my not be a collaboration, but it retains the same charming art style.

It has changed the fighting mechanics and has a more action packed feel this time. It is not just about fighting, though. You get to build a kingdom in this game and earn bonuses for your character.

Into the Breach

Into the Breach is an elegant sci-fi strategy blast. It is made by the team behind Faster than Light, still one of our favorite PC games of the last decade. In this game, Earth has been invaded and almost taken over. You need to fight the aliens, defeat them, and save Earth.

Surviving Mars

In this game, you get to build an outpost on a patch of Mars, and have to keep it running to avoid your colonists dying in on the planet’s harsh surface. Surviving Mars looks like The Sims: Red Planet edition. However it’s closer to Sim City meets The Martian.

Final Fantasy XV

This game is a little different from the other Final Fantasy games. You travel around an open world packed with Americana-style buildings, all your companions are human and the combat plays out in real time, not as turns.

These are just some of the best new PC games you can find on Steam. You can check out the platform for more of these games.

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