Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners could now grab the best gaming deals for both popular gaming consoles. This comes after the software giant’s Major Nelson has announced recently the set of gaming deals that Xbox users could enjoy.


Check the latest Xbox One and Xbox 360 game deals


For Xbox One, there are several games that are on sale this week. This includes Call of Duty: WWII for $39, NBA 2K18 for $30, Battlefield 1 Revolution for $15, and Alien: Isolation for only $7.50.

Other games that have marked down prices were Monster Hunter World for $45, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered for $24 and, EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront II is on sale for only $24 this week.


Apart from Xbox One, Microsoft has also prepared several game deals intended for Xbox 360. Like = Call of Duty games—Modern Warfare for $15, Black Ops for $15, and Black Ops II for $16.50. In addition to this great deal is the Original Xbox game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, that is playable on Xbox One with backwards compatibility for only $10.50.


On the other hand, you can buy other backwards-compatible Star Wars game, The Force Unleashed II, for $15. All of these are just random samples of the gaming deals both for Xbox One and Xbox 360.



If you want to see all the complete list of game deal offers, visit Major Nelson’s blog as the offer would run only until May 7.