Will A Smartphone Replace Your Car Key?


Will Your Car Key Be Replaced By A Smartphone?

Your car key will be replaced by a smartphone. Is that possible? Some carmakers have gone keyless and others are following. Tesla is using the keyless innovation via the Model 3. But using a smartphone to start your car? Read on.

The Tesla Model 3

The new Tesla Model 3 has lot of features which distinguish it from other hybrid electric cars. Model 3 is a fully electric car. The traditional dashboard is replaced by a single touch screen full of buttons.

What is noticeable about the Model 3 is its lack of a key fob. The usual feature, including door locks, have been replaced by the Tesla smartphone app.

keyless car

The Tesla Model 3 has sensors which can detect an authorized driver’s smartphone up to 30 feet away. The driver’s smartphone then becomes a virtual car key which allows the driver to set the Model 3 doors, and even the trunk (when necessary). The doors automatically unlock when the driver approaches. It then automatically locks when the driver walks away. This is possible with the help of the sensors detecting the driver’s smartphone.

The Status Of The Keyless Car

Although Tesla has already produced these keyless cars, it would probably take a few more years before carmakers can widely use the virtual key. Car companies are facing some issues regarding this technology. Because of this, the keyless cars will not be ready and available until the issues are resolved.

The Smartphone Companies And The Carmakers

Car companies and smartphone makers are working to collaborate on standards. These standards will not render you virtual car key useless if there are software updates or security breaches on your smartphones. If your virtual key will be affected by updates or breaches, your then be unable to drive your car.

In Conclusion

The keyless cars are not that perfect yet. It has its flaws. The smartphone-to-car key technology is still being developed to achieve near perfection. But to answer the question of the possibility of using a smartphone as a car key, the answer is yes. Tesla has proven that it is possible.