Zamzar: Veteran Free Online File Converter Still Hot After All These Years


I discovered Zamzar quite by accident, and happily so. I received a .numbers file and being on a PC, had to Google for a converter. I have to confess that after having my share of free online converters that didn’t deliver, I was skeptical. So what are my woes? Some of these converters have to be downloaded and installed and you know that these can bring with them malware etc. Most of the free apps will also convert up to a certain point and leave you hanging. And saving the worst for last, convert into a gibberish file. And with so many new ones popping up and disappearing into thin air, you never know if it’s going to be there the next time around. Let’s not even go to whether it will keep your data sacred.

What’s not to love? It can convert about 1200 files – an all-in-one audio, video, image, ebook, CAD, presentation, and text converter! Currently, when there are many platforms and devices, this functionality makes it extremely helpful. In the past, I would use 4-5 apps just to get everything I need on the same page. This multiple converter saves time, effort, stress and money. After all, who wants to buy a full program, something that can only be used rarely, if you can have a free one to use?

Here are a few of the popular conversions it can do: PDF to Word | PDF to Excel | FLAC to MP3 | DOC to PDF | EPUB to PDF | MP4 to MP3 |PDF to DOC | WAV to MP3 | MKV to MP4 | DJVU to PDF | JPG to Word | XPS to PDF |FLV to MP3 | MOV to MP4 | Excel to PDF | PNG to PDF | PDF to JPG | DOCX to PDF |EPUB to MOBI | MP3 to WAV | MP4 to GIF | PPT to PDF | Excel to PDF | PNG to JPG |PDF to DWG | PDF to DOCX | JPG to GIF | JPG to PNG | FLV to MP4 | Word to PDF

Conversion is fast and convenient because the file to be converted can be uploaded from your hard drive, from the cloud, and from a URL. Files up to 50 MB can be converted 100%. Files are converted once uploaded and you simply enter your email address to receive the converted file. It even saves your file online for 24 hours.

Zamzar has been around for around 12 years and it has not stopped growing. The most interesting development is it can convert to files proprietary to Adobe and now has video support. The sheer number of files it can convert is astounding:, it can now convert video from various video sharing websites.