Whisk: The Platform For Food Lovers


Platform For Food Lovers Called Whisk

Food lovers will have a grand time with the new platform called Whisk. It is the world’s smartest food platform. Its technology enables businesses to build integrated, smarter, and more meaningful digital food experiences.


The Whisk Technology

Whisk is powered by millions of data points and artificial intelligence. It makes people’s digital experiences with food more personal and engaging. The digital experience is done by analysing how millions of people world wide interact with recipes and ingredients online. It also understands trends, patterns, and connections using Whisk’s Food Genome.

The Whisk technology uses deep-learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). This helps leading brands around the world connect with their consumers in more meaningful ways.

The “Best New App”

This smart shopping list and recipe app is featured as the “Best New App” in Apple Store in the food and drink category. Whisk.com is a free recipe and shopping list tool. It has surpassed the downloads from downloads in UK where the company is based.

How To Use Whisk

Whisk helps users around the world discover, organise, and enjoy food. Its popular Create Shopping List button delivers shopping list capabilities onto any recipe site. Whisk transfers all recipe ingredients into a handy shopping list with just a click of a button. The list can then be uploaded to online supermarket carts. This can then be viewed and checked off a user’s mobile device then be emailed or printed as a paper list.

How Whisk Started

Whisk started with Nick Holzherr, who raised funding for the venture. Nick was recently named Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year by Business Insider. The app help food lovers to be inspired by new and exciting recipes. Whisk makes cooking simple, and cost effective with minimum time and effort required.

The Whisk app is currently available for download in the Apple iTunes and Android App Stores. It is also available as browser plugin.

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