Giant Mobike From China


China And Its Giant Mobike

China has introduced a giant Mobike to the world. The Chinese bike-sharing startup Mobike went on an aggressive global expansion spree in 2017. It is soon expected to be launched in India in early June.

Mobike’s Plans For India


India currently does not have a strong culture for biking. The goal is to coordinate with municipal governments and town planners to cut down city congestion and provide new last-mile transit option. This is what Mobike did in China.

They will be starting to implement the plan late May or early June this year. The project will first start in big cities before it expands to other areas.

The company said the government agencies they have coordinated with are very optimistic. Conversations have focused around the practical potential of easing congestion and enabling short trips.

The giant Mobike is a great way to start a sustainable transport ecosystem. The governments are now discussing prospective bike tracks and infrastructure.

How Does Mobike Work

The initial focus is on the core dockless bike service. In some countries, it lets a customer ride for around $1 after they scan a vacant bike’s QR code via the Mobike app. Mobike is aiming to go into partnership with other major payment players. Typically, Mobike users worlwide bind a debit or credit card to their app to enable payment. It is suggested that the company will have deals to integrate India’s mobile wallet service. And they will make use of the government-backed UPI payment initiative, too. This is to help make their bikes available to as many of the population as possible.

India And The Mobike

Given the poor transportation infrastructure in its major urban areas. The growing concerns of over pollution and spikes in health-related ailments among the populace.

Founded in 2015, Mobike provides GPS-enabled bikes. According to the company’s data, it has over 200 million registered users. They support over 30 million rides daily across 180 cities globally. The company operates over 9 million smartbikes connected through Io Technology.

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