Nintendo Is Selling Cheaper Switch Bundles Without Dock

Nintendo Switch

A cheaper Nintendo Switch without bundled TV dock is now available in Japan, targeting second unit Switch purchases.
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s hit console, the Nintendo Switch, just got a little easier on the pocket. At least for the people in Japan – for now.

The cheaper bundle unit, aptly referred to as “Switch 2nd Unit Set,” does not come with the dock for TV. It is targetted to customers who already purchased the original Switch bundle. Which means their Switches already came with a dock and are already connected to the TV, thus not requiring an additional dock. It’s is also very good for people who actually just intend to use the console for handheld gaming.

The Switch 2nd Unit Set has a price tag of ¥24,980 yen or $225. It offers savings of 5,000 yen or $45 compared to the full Switch bundle. The cheaper bundle comes with the Switch game system, two Joy-Con controllers and the Joy-Con straps. It does not come with the Joy-Con grip controller, the HDMI cable nor the AC adapter.

If you don’t already own the AC adapter, it might be a bit tricky to charge the device. You will need to find a third-party USB-C charger powerful enough for the Switch so a bit of research is needed.

Nintendo has yet to announce the availability of the cheaper Switch bundle outside of Japan. We will keep you posted!

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