Blizzard’s popular hero shooter Overwatch is getting a new escort Rialto map. The map is set in Venice, Italy and players would recognized the game’s setting. Blizzard said the setting is at Realto for the special Retribution co-operative mode.


Overwatch’s Rialto Map


Overwatch’s new map is not set at broad daylight. The game developer said that players would be escorting a payload via three checkpoints. Previously, the map is set at night and players are tasked to gun down Talon soldiers.




The game’s escort map comes with a new patch that introduces essential changes in the game’s characters. Of the major changes, the significant change that has been introduced in the game is Hanzo’s controversial Scatter Arrow ability.



In case you don’t know, Hanzo is an archer and the latest update has removed his Scatter Arrow ability. Blizzard has replaced this with Storm Arrows ability. Using the new ability allows him to fire five arrows in quick succession. In addition, the game’s Hanzo character has also received a new horizontal leap ability.



This new ability works similarly to his brother Genji’s double jump. Hanzo also received several other tweaks like an increased projectile speed and more frequent use of his Sonic Arrow. According to Blizzard, Hanzo is actually the most notorious character that is difficult to play well.



Meanwhile, Blizzard said that Rialto features various canals. Omnic-piloted gondolas and other similar Venetian setting. The game developer admitted that the Realto is actually the first map to be added in the game after the Blizzard World.