Fliteboard™ eFoil: Fly Over Water This Summer


Is it a surfboard, is it a jetski or is it a “drone” – it’s Fliteboard! Quiet, wake-free, futuristic-looking, and smooth-sailing, it’s as close to walking over water as you can get! Definitely out of the ordinary, it sells currently at a hefty $12,000 but you can assemble your own and even take Fliteboard lessons in their school. While it gives you the sensation of flying over water, it actually is like a cross between a jetski, surfboard, and stilts. Definitely perfect for the current crop of millennials who take their adventure and travel goals seriously, it is portable, simple, fast, and emission-free and does not require wake or waves.

Not exactly for the faint-hearted nor for those who have never had surfing or jet-skiing experience, it is definitely for those who want to be one with nature in an eco-friendly way because you can actually “foil” or e-ski (for want of a better term)” alongside dolphins since the splash you create is not disruptive. Just imagine the exhilarating experience of doing this with your friends or sailing alone and taking breathtaking selfies! However, even beginners can dare get onboard as the Fliteboard can be configured to your skill level.

“You won’t forget your first time foiling.

Wings fly below while you soar above.” Fliteboard

It is easy to set-up and only needs water at least 1 meter deep to be operational; making oceans, rivers, lakes, and bays perfect playgrounds any time of the year (when water isn’t frozen). With a maximum speed of 40 km/hour and a range of 25 km., it is engaging for anyone who is thrilled with watersports. Novice and expert riders alike who weigh at most 80 kg. can foil (fly above water) for up to one hour per single charge.

Fliteboard is easy to transport and outstandingly engineered. Partially made of ballistic-grade Carbon Innegra, it durable but light enough to be as portable as an ordinary surfboard.

There are three designs including the Fliteboard PRO and Fliteboard AIR that can be customized according to wings, battery, and finishes. The handheld controller makes foiling safer with its intuitive controls. According to Fliteboard the remote control is easily updatable by smartphone and equipped with:

  • OLED color display,
  • GPS speed,
  • remaining battery power and time,
  • energy used per kilometer, and
  • access to a range of different riding modes.

The learning curve is different for everyone but Flite schools in Australia and New Zealand will soon make this a safe and enjoyable adventure. In fact, it’s been compared to riding a bike. The maximum speed achieved depends on the rider’s weight, experience and kind of wings used. During tests, cruising speed is 34 km./hour and top speed is 40 km./hr. Want to be among the first to enjoy this novel experience? Pre-order and reserve your unit now.