Steam Link

Avid players who have Steam accounts could now play their collection of Steam titles using their smartphone. If you are a player, you could now download Steam Link beta via Google Play. This is possible after Valve announced earlier this month that its streaming game service would be available both for iOS and Android.


Steam Link is now on Android



To use Steam Link, what you need is a a 5GHz Wi-Fi router. Based on Valve’s recommendation, you need to connect your computer to a router through an ethernet cable. After this, you need to connect your Android-powered phone using the 5GHz channel of your Wi-Fi network.

Steam Link

Apart from this, you also need to sit close to the router, according to Valve, so that you can maximize the 5GHz networks. By doing so, this means you can use a much higher frequencies, as opposed to the standard 2.4GHz networks.


Regarding the controller options, you can actually use any type of Bluetooth controller that’s compatible with Android or the Steam Controller. Aside from mobile devices, the Steam Link is also available on Android TV. With this, Valve is recommending that you connect your compatible device over the Ethernet as well.


Valve added that the app should also support 4K at 60fps. However, the company stressed that the quality bar is full-HD (1080p) at 60fps for most environments, and this depends on PC, router and mobile hardware, and how your network is set up.


The company also revealed its plan to rollout Steam Link on Apple’s App Store. Valve said that the such rollout is still pending as Apple is currently reviewing the process for approval.


Launched in 2015, Steam Link is actually a standalone device designed to bring Steam titles from PC to the living room.