Nemo: Smart Submarine Drone That Takes UHD 4K Photo-Video Underwater


Don’t know how to dive or swim but mesmerized by the pull of underwater marine life? Nemo, from Aquarobotman, the smart drone that takes amazing UHD 4K photo and video will get you into the deep waters without having as much your toes getting wet. Launched at Kickstarter, it has already exceeded its goals and may be released by July 2018.

Unlike other drones in its class, it uses a “patented QAS-balance system with a 4 tandem thruster design” to give it the most stable video platform for amazing focus. To ensure clarity and vividness, Nemo has a built-in powerful lighting system, the 8 LED fill light matrix that makes undersea footages a cut above the rest. Designed by engineers, photographers, and divers, Nemo understands needs and is the perfect dovetailing of professional quality and ease of use.

With an app that is simple to use even by amateurs and a dedicated wifi signal to a depth of 100 meters, it is a fully-functional underwater drone that is priced within reach of consumers.



Controlled by your smartphone and paired with VR glasses, you can choose to store captured footage or stream it live so you can uncover mysteries and have fun exploring the depths.

It is perfect for fishing, diving, underwater photography and for conducting scientific studies even in previously difficult to reach underwater caves.


It takes stable photos to a depth of 100 meters or 328 ft. and captures videos at 30 frames per second. What does that mean? It means that the video is exceedingly smooth and not jumpy or pixellated. This means that you can take calculated risks and act with impeccable timing before actually jumping into the water. You’ll never have to miss out on the details or the live action ever again!

According to Aquarobotman as explained in Kickstarter, Nemo’s best features are:

  • Ultra stable UHD 4K, 30 fps camera
  • VR Goggles for a truly immersive experience
  • Immediate social sharing
  • Stable 4-Thruster technology
  • Longer diving hours with the long-life battery and quick battery changer

During its testing phase, it was put to utilitarian use like checking a ship’s engine problem and studying a pearl farm. The adventures were many: the deep-sea study of coral reefs, underwater grotto exploration, swimming alongside dolphins and manta rays in Hawaii as well as crocodile spotting in Florida.

You can still back Nemo at Kickstarter starting at $799 and have your own drone by July 2018. Its high-standard features will make this summer unforgettable whether you choose to be in or out of the water. Find Nemo and go off on an undersea adventure of a lifetime!