Ring’s Smart Doorbell Has Its Flaws


Flaws Of Ring’s Smart Doorbell

The Smart Doorbell from Ring shows some flaws despite password changes. The vulnerability of this gadget lets people snoop even after a password change. Ring urges folks not to share login details and promises to do better and address this issue.

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Smart Doorbell’s “Malfunction”

You may spend less time running to and from your front door, but you may also be cutting down on your home’s privacy. According to reports, popular video doorbells from Ring have major security flaws. It does not require users to re-log into the doorbell app when a password has been changed.

This means that anybody, besides yourself, who used to have access to your Ring doorbell app may still monitor the activity taking place outside your front door. Regardless how how much time has passed, the app never asks users to sign in again even after a password change.

Ring’s Response To The Problem

Ring was notified of the issue in January. The company claimed that they have removed users who were no longer authorized. But tests conducted showed that “for several hours”, unauthorized users were still able to access the app despite a change in password. According toe Ring’s CEO Jamie Siminoff, removing unauthorized users from the platform slows down the ring app. This flaw presents a serious problem. Not only could someone be watching your front door. He or she may also download videos, or control the doorbell as an administrator.

The Effect Of This Issue On Amazon

Amazon recently acquired Ring for $1 billion. This issue does not go well for Amazon. The company is planning to use Ring doorbells as part of a secure solution for delivery programs like Amazon Key. This program allows delivery personnel to drop off packages directly into someone’s home. If Ring doorbells cannot even protect against unauthorized users, Amazon will have a hard time convincing prospective customers.

According to Ring, more security measures are on the way. For now, smart doorbell users are advised to avoid giving access to your doorbell untill the issue is resolved.