Final Fantasy

Back in 2015, Square Enix had announced that the company was working on a remake of the Final Fantasy VII. But the company opted not to give a hint as to its possible release date. A check made by gaming fans last time revealed that the remake of the game was in progress. They also noted that the game has many things to be worked on.


Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2023


But recent reports suggest that the remake of the legendary Final Fantasy VII would take a little bit longer. This comes after a report from The Lifestream (via Destructoid), pointing out of an alleged talk about the remake of the popular game. The information was taken from a recorded conversation during a closed-door event at the Final Fantasy 30TH Anniversary.


Final Fantasy

In the said conversation, both producer Yoshinori Kitase and development lead Naoki Hamaguchi discussed about the game’s possible release date during Final Fantasy’s 35th Anniversary, which would be five years from now in 2023.



Also, the recorded discussion shows Hamaguchi’s comments about that possible release date. Of which, Hamaguchi seemed to find this date unacceptable. But all these details remain to be seen because both the top executives were merely discussing the possible launching of its game on the franchise’s 35th anniversary.



Moreover, it should be noted that a transcript of the recorded talk was obtained by someone attending the event. Square Enix was informed of the details and has yet to comment on the matter. What is clear though is that the company will have a more concrete date to share at E3 2018 which will be happening next month.