MarckellGaming Gives Out Prizes Along With Ingame.Ph


Prizes Will Be Given Out By Marckell Gaming

Marckell Gaming is giving out prizes with the sponshorship of Prizes are in store for those who want to join. If you are interested to join the promo, read on for more information on the mechanics.


Mechanics Of The Promo

Here are the mechanics so you can join the promo:

  1. Like the Facebook page:
  2. Subscribe to the YouTube channel: gDBhrtv2S3nR
  3. Like ingameph Facebook page:
  4. Share one of Marckell’s videos on facebook

Ways To Join The Promo

There are two ways to join this promo. First is through the Facebook page of Markell Gaming (mentioned above on the mechanics of the promo). Another way to join the promo is by subscribing to Marckell Gaming’s YouTube channel.

Among the prizes are 250 PhP worth of Garena Shells or Steam Wallet. Winners of the promo will be announced on May 31, 2018.

More About Marckell Gaming And

Marckell Gaming is a video creator. He creates and posts videos about gaming. This is being done in coordination with Marckell Gaming has 93 followers to date. This promo is his way of making his page known to the public. Marckell Gaming also has a YouTube channel (as mentioned above in the mechanics). Interested parties may visit it and subscribe if you feel like doing so. is a platform for every gamers. Everyone is welcome to send their best gaming videos, latest news or current events to ingame, which they will then post on their page. You can choose from an array of games from this website. Its objective is to build a community that benefits fom each other’s idea and supports players’ perspectives. is not just about games. It also informs its gamers of any updates on regulations and promotions of games.

So if you have nothing much to do, why not check out and join Marckell Gaming and’s promo this May. Who knows, you might be one of the winners.