Did You Hear John Legend? Oh, It’s Just Google Assistant


Hear John Legend Through Google Assistant

You may hear John Legend in your homes and offices via Google Assistant. He will be one of the six options rolling out this year for Google Assistant Voice. The company announced that John Legend will lend his voice to Google Assistant.

Google Assistant’s Make-over

Google Assistant is getting a make-over to make it sound more human in both responses and speech patterns. It will even simplify how you connect to things around you at home.

google assistant voice

John Legend And Google Assistant

John Legend will be among the six male and female voice options for Google Assistant this year. The company has been working on engineering artificial intelligence voices to sound less robotic, and more human. This is according to Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Since John Legend is a human being, his voice responses will be limited to what he has recorded in the studio. Hear the calm voice of John Legend address your questions and commands to Google Assistant. His video was played at the I/O conference, also showing him singing Happy Birthday “to the person whose birthday it is.”

So if you had wished for John Legend to sing “Happy Birthday” for you on your birthday, Google Assistant will grant your wish.

The New Version Of Google Assistant

The new version of the assistant will feature both male and female voices. Google Assistant is built on a tech machine learning technology called Wavenet. Google started building this out eighteen months ago. The company is working on rolling out more customized version of the artificial intelligence with custom dialects across the globe.

Enjoy a relaxing experience when you use the new version of the Google Assistant. Relaxing indeed, as you will hear John Legend’s calm and melodious voice whenever you ask for the day’s weather forecast, and more.